Wilberforce University records, 1855-2005.


Wilberforce University. Wilberforce University records, 1855-2005.

Wilberforce University records, 1855-2005.

Historical records include: minutes of the meetings to incorporate the college (1855); 1859 catalog; dedication program from 20 June 1878; early photographs of the college, buildings, presidents, students, and activities, including Joshua H. Jones, Gilbert H. Jones, D.O.B. Walker, and William Sanders Scarborough; two volumes of examples of students' work from the State Combined Normal and Industrial Dept. and Wilberforce University presented and exhibited at the Columbian Exposition of the Chicago World Fair (1892-1893). Subjects of the photographs include: alumnae, buildings, the Athletic Council, campus scenes, commencement and convocations, University Band Vesper Choir, elders and bishops, the Board of Trustees of Wilberforce University, Tawawa School of Religion, the Board of Trustees of the Combined Normal and Industrial School, Wilmot Blyden, and Jessie M. Chiles. Adminstration-related materials and topics include: president's reports; issues of the "Communique" published by the office of the president; Board of Trustees minutes (1879-1959); funding campaigns; financial statements (1954-1960); audits (1944-1955); treasury reports (1911-1941); and public relations news clippings and press releases. Admission-related materials and topics include: registration; registration books (1920-1936), applications; record of transcripts (1948-1949); and student records. Academic Affairs materials and topics include: accreditation; program reports and other reports; college plans; program development; curriculum development; and grants. Faculty-related materials and topics include: minutes (1885-1962); press releases; newsletters; art exhibits; merit bonus awards; writings and information about the Faculty Institute. Staff-related materials and topics include: retention and information about the AFL-CIO. Alumni-related materials and topics include: class rosters; alumni association newsclippings; programs and alumni briefs (1963-1977). Student-related materials and topics include: reports; policies; student personnel; correspondence; class records (1906-1937); directories; Greek societies; letters of application (1948-1954); freshman and student orientation; issues of "The Wilberforce Graduate" (1895-1896; 1989-1995); issues of "The Sodalian" (1912); and other student publications. Library materials and topics include: annual reports; library acquisition lists; statistics; lists of library books; bibliographies; and information about Carnegie Library. Physical plant materials and topics include: blueprints; building plans; and campus plans. College publications include: catalogs (1859/1860, 1872, 1884/1885, 1896, and 1906-2005); yearbooks (1914, 1920, 1902-1925, 1927-1930, 1933-1942, 1944-1946, 1948-1952, 1954-2005); issues of the "Wilberforce University Quarterly" (1941-1943), and the "Negro College Quarterly" (1943-1946); handbook for orientation, Miss Wilberforce University; student housing; programs for Founders Day, Martin Luther King convocation and other convocations; John F. Morning Lecture Series (1979-1993), conferences, and other events; issues of the "Monday Matters" (1987-1995); issues of "Communique", published by the office of the provost and the president (1983-1987); issues of "Connection", monthly newsletters highlighting activities and achievements of Wilberforce family (1992). Central State University-related materials and topics include: newsclippings; newsletters; annual reports (1905-1945); correspondence with Gov. Frank J. Lausche and other correspondence (1932-1947); and the Wilberforce and Central State separation controversy. Payne Theological Seminary-related materials and topics include: reports; minutes; resolutions; commencement; catalogs (1955-1982).

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Wilberforce University. Board of Trustees

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Walker, D. O. B. (Dougal Ormonde Beaconsfield), 1890-

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