History of radar use in World War II, 1997-2006.


Price, Peter J. 1924-. History of radar use in World War II, 1997-2006.

History of radar use in World War II, 1997-2006.

This collection includes a brief memior (2 pages) written by Peter J. Price, describing the deveolpment and use of megnetrons and radar during World War II; also included are two letters from Price to Robert Buderi discussing Price's work at Clarendon Lab in the early 1940s; his work with Dennis Gabor, Leroy Chang, and Arthur Gossard; Arthur Cho's research group at Bell Laboratories; and his research and work with microwaves and magnetrons.

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Price, Peter J. 1924-

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Ph.D., theoretical physics, Cambridge (1951). Research assistant, Duke University; Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton; IBM; Watson Research Laboratory, Columbia University. Field of research: solid-state physics. From the description of History of radar use in World War II, 1997-2006. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 154305926 ...

Bell Telephone Laboratories, inc.

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Chang, Leroy L.

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Cho, Alfred

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Gabor, Dennis, 1900-1979

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Gabor (1900-1979) held over 100 patents and won the 1971 Nobel prize for physics for his invention of holography. He also corresponded with numerous persons who shared his interest in futurism. From the description of Correspondence, 1961-1969. (University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center). WorldCat record id: 31179190 Born, 1900, Hungary; studied mechanical engineering at Joseph Technical High School, Budapest, 1918-1921, and Electrical Engineering Department, Technisch...

Buderi, Robert.

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Gossard, A. C.

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