Oral History interview with Robert V. Pound, 2003.


Oral History interview with Robert V. Pound, 2003.

Some of the topics discussed include: his early life and education; interest in physics; his only formal degree, a Bachelors from University of Buffalo; from college to defense work and Submarine Signal Company; his work at the MIT Radiation Laboratory; the Harvard Society of Fellows; the discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance in bulk matter; the Bloembergen, Pound, and Purcell paper (BPP); the Pound Box, NMR patent issue; applications of NMR; after the war, writing Rad Lab books; Chicago Federation Group; nuclear quadruple moments; nuclear moments; alpha-gamma correlations and gamma-gamma correlations; becoming Assistant Professor; implications and influence of Mossbauer's work; Glen Rebka; gravitational redshift; Physical Review Letters controversy; Victor Weisskopf; the Harwell group in England; the gravitational redshift experiment; Nobel Prize; heating with microwaves; life as a professor at Harvard; Julian Schwinger leaving Harvard; overview of his career; physicists he has known; changes in the culture of physics; etc.

Transcript:: 2 sessions, 102 pages.Audio tapes: 5 cassette tapes.


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Pound, Robert V.

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Physicist. Affiliations: Submarine Signal Co., Mass. (Raytheon); MIT Radiation Laboratory, 1942-46; Harvard University (Fellow), 1945-48; Mallinckkrodt Professor of Physics, 1948-1989 (Emeritus, 1989-present). Completed research in radio-frequency, radar, and nuclear magnetic resonance. From the description of Oral History interview with Robert V. Pound, 2003. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 154305427 ...

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Rebka, Glen A.

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Harvard University. Dept. of Physics.

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Raytheon Company. Submarine Signal Division

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