F. V. Hunt memorial session I [sound recording] : engineering and architectural acoustics; 1973 April 12.


F. V. Hunt memorial session I [sound recording] : engineering and architectural acoustics; 1973 April 12.

Speakers include: Leo L. Beranek, "Introductory Remarks," and "Acoustics and the Concert Hall;" Benjamin B. Bauer, "F. V. Hunt and the Disk Recording Arts;" Arthur A. Janszen, "Electrostatic Transduction;" John V. Bouyoucos, "Hydroacoustic Transduction;" J. M. Berman, "The Behavior of Sound in a Bounded Space;" G. Plenge, "New Methods in Architectural Acoustic Investigations for Evaluating the Acoustic Qualities of Concert Halls;" O., Mawardi, "Loudspeaker Design and the Mathematical Theory of High Fidelity;" T. J. Schultz, "Measurements of Acoustic Intensity in Reactive Sound Fields;" and M. C. Junger, "Radiation and Scattering by Submerged Elastic Structures."

2 sound tape cassettes (2.75 hrs.) :analog, mono. ; 4 in.


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