Oral history interview with Yoshihide Kozai, 1997 September 2.


Oral history interview with Yoshihide Kozai, 1997 September 2.

This interview discusses: Kozai's family life and early education; the impact of receiving Yukio Haghihara's book on celestial mechanics in 1947; his relationship with Haghihara; his undergraduate education at the University of Tokyo (Tōkyō Daigaku); his research at the Tokyo Astronomical Observatory (Tōkyō Tenmondai) and the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory; the nature of Japanese astronomy; the relationship between Dirk Brouwer, Yukio Haghihara, Samuel Herrick, and James Baker; his work with radio telescopes; Kozai's Japanese astronomy peers; and the transition of Tokyo Astronomical Observatory from a university observatory to a national observatory.

Transcript: 44 pages.


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