Oral history interview with L. DeWitt Hale, 1970 October 16.


Oral history interview with L. DeWitt Hale, 1970 October 16.

Interview with L. DeWitt Hale, an attorney and a Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives from Corpus Christi (1939-1940; 1953-1962; 1964-1967). Hale discusses the Sixty-first Legislature, the one-year versus two-year budget, and comments on Governor Preston Smith and Lieutenant Governor Ben Barnes. He also talks about revenue bills, corporate income tax, welfare legislation, the state minimum wage law, education legislation, the creation of new four-year colleges, the beer and liquor lobby, as well as changes in the state sales tax base, personal legislation, and redistricting under the "one-man, one-vote" U. S. Supreme Court decision.

64 leaves ; 29 cm.

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