Oral history interview with Frank Kell Cahoon, 1967 October 24.


Cahoon, Frank Kell, 1934-. Oral history interview with Frank Kell Cahoon, 1967 October 24.

Oral history interview with Frank Kell Cahoon, 1967 October 24.

Interview with Frank K. Cahoon concerning his experiences as a geologist, independent oilman, and former Republican representative from Midland in the Texas House of Representatives. Cahoon shares his views of the Sixtieth Texas Legislature, his business career, his decision to enter politics, his experiences as the lone Republican in the House, his personal political philosophy, and the relationship among Governor John Connally, Lieutenant Governor Preston Smith, and Speaker of the House Ben Barnes. He also discusses the salaries for public schoolteachers, his views on the sales tax, liquor legislation, appropriations bills, revisions in the criminal code, labor legislation, lobby influence, and building the Republican Party in Texas.

72 leaves ; 29 cm.

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