David Roberts correspondence, 1837-1864.


David Roberts correspondence, 1837-1864.

Collection includes twenty-eight letters by Roberts to various correspondents concerning his work and Royal Academy matters. Included is one to the publishers Smith & Elder offering sketches for publication (1837); a letter from 1840 to Allan Cunningham saying that Turner is coming to dine and to look at drawings; letters from 1854, one to a Mr. Wethered concerning a painting by Etty, another to S.C. Hall providing detailed information on his painting "The Bridge of Toledo;" a letter dated 1856 April 6 to the Colnaghis in which Roberts seeks sponsorship for a pictorial history of the Crimean War; a letter from 1862 regarding the Belgian painter Gallett; and one from 1864 to W. Hepworth Dixon concerning a new Shakespeare monument in London. Among a group of undated letters is one describing the town of Abbeville in Picardy; a letter to J.B. Papworth enclosing tickets for an exhibition at the gallery of Francis Moon the printseller; and a letter to Ernest Gambart concerning paintings he is completing for the art dealer. Other correspondents include Dominic Colnaghi, Martin Archer Shee, Henry S. Bicknell, Lady Eastlake, E.W. Cooke and H.W. Pickersgill. Letters received include two from Edward Utterson (1841) thanking him for some drawings and congratulating Roberts on his election to the Royal Academy; two from a Col. Muir (1853); and a letter in verse from Roberts' future biographer James Ballantine (1856). With a sheet containing sketches of human figures and architectural details, and an engraving of Roberts' "The Ruins of the Convent of the Carmelites, at Burgos."

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