Papers, 1812-1824.


Papers, 1812-1824.

Miscellaneous documents related to Captain Anderson as well as to Colonel William McKay, Lieutenant Colonel Robert McDouall, and Captian Joseph Rolette, all in the British service in Wisconsin and the Northwest.

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Anderson, Thomas Gummersall, 1779-1875 (person)

Black Hawk, Sauk chief, 1767-1838 (person)

Mcdouall, Robert (person)

Robert McDouall (MacDouall) commanded British forces in the district of Mackinac, and was commandant when the garrison removed to Drummond Island in 1815. He was a cornet in the 26th Light Dragoons, 1796; captain of the 8th Foot, October 24, 1804; major int eh Glengarry Light Infantry, 1813; was present at Stoney Creek; a lieutenant colonel, July 29, 1813; defended Mackinac, August 4, 1814; went on half pay, 1816; major general, 1841; died, November 15, 1848. (from Irving, Officers of the Britis...

Barbouiller, Kickapoo chief. (person)

Wabasha, 1718-1806 (person)

Rolette, Joseph, 1781-1842 (person)

Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, fur trader. In 1804 Rolette arrived in Prairie du Chien, where until 1821 he was associated with several fur trading companies. An agent of the American Fur Company from 1821 to 1834, Rolette and his partners Hercules Dousman and H.H. Sibley in 1834 became stockholders in Ramsay Crooks' reorganized American Fur Company and contracted to run its Western Outfit. In 1842, the three men transferred their trade to Pierre Chouteau Jr. & Co. of ...

McKay, William. (person)