Letters, 1809-1820.


Mitchell, David Bradie, 1766-1837. Letters, 1809-1820.

Letters, 1809-1820.

Letters of David B. Mitchell, while he was Governor of Georgia and Indian Agent for the Creek Indians, discussing political matters and issues involving the Creeks including letters from Bolling Hall, Charles Tait, John Pray, Wilson Lumpkin, William W. Bibb, George M. Trout, William H. Crawford, Israel Pickens, and John Clark, and one to Reverend Jesse Mercer regarding the establishment of a school for the Creek Indians.

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Crawford, William Harris, 1772-1834

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William Harris Crawford (February 24, 1772 – September 15, 1834) was an American politician and judge during the early 19th century. He served as United States Secretary of War and United States Secretary of the Treasury before running for president in the 1824 election. Born in Virginia, Crawford moved to Georgia at a young age. After studying law, Crawford won election to the Georgia House of Representatives in 1803. He aligned with the Democratic-Republican Party and U.S. Senator James Jac...

Bibb, William Wyatt, 1781-1820

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William W. Bibb was a United States representative and senator from Georgia. From the description of William W. Bibb letter, 1812 Apr. 8. (Louisiana State University). WorldCat record id: 122520226 William Wyatt Bibb was born in Virginia in 1780. After graduating from William and Mary College, he went on to study medicine at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1801 he received his M.D. degree and moved to Georgia. In Georgia, Bibb became interested in politics. H...

Mercer, Jesse, 1769-1841

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Jesse Mercer (1769-1841), Baptist minister, served intermittently as clerk of the Georgia Baptist Association (1795-1816) and as its moderator (1816-1839), editor of the Christian Index (1833-1839), and helped to establish Mercer University, resided in Washington, Georgia. From the description of Jesse Mercer collection, 1813-1841. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 38727355 Baptist minister, editor of The Christian Index, and president of the Baptist state convention. ...

Lumpkin, Wilson, 1783-1870

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Wilson Lumpkin (1783-1870) was born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, on January 14, 1783 to John Lumpkin and Lucy Hopson Lumpkin. While he was still a young child, Lumpkin's family moved to Oglethorpe County, Georgia. Lumpkin married twice, first to Elizabeth Walker, with whom he had six surviving children, and second to Annis Hopkins, with whom he had three children. He served on the Georgia State Legislature and was a member of Congress, 1815-187 and 1827-1831. Lumpkin served two terms as Gov...

Pray, John I.

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Clark, John, 1766-1832

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Mitchell, David Bradie, 1766-1837.

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Pickens, Israel, 1780-1827

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U.S. representative from North Carolina, public official of North Carolina and Alabama, governor of Alabama, and U.S. senator from Alabama. From the description of Letters of Israel Pickens, 1812-1825. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79450084 ...

Hall, Bolling, 1767-1836

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Bolling Hall was born in Virginia. As a young man, he served in the Revolutionary War. He moved to Hancock County, Georgia, where he became a prominent citizen. He was a member of the Georgia General Assembly, 1800-1802 and 1804-1806, and a Representative in the 12th, 13th, and 14th Congress from 1811 to 1817. He moved to Alabama to become a farmer. Hall died on March 25, 1836. From the description of Bolling Hall letter, 1814. (Georgia Historical Society). WorldCat record id: 807810...

Trout, G. Malcolm (George Malcolm), 1896-

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Tait, Charles, 1768-1835

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U.S. senator from Georgia, 1809-1819. From the description of Letter : Washington, [D.C.], to David Brydie Mitchell, Creek Agency, Ga., 1818 Mar. 21. (Newberry Library). WorldCat record id: 40357813 United States senator and jurist. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Washington, to Mr. Dickens, 1815 Mar. 3. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270579135 ...