Testamenti segreti, [16--]-[18--].


Testamenti segreti, [16--]-[18--].

Includes testamenti of the Notai capitolini, Notai della curia del cardinale vicario, Notai della curia di governo, Notai della curia di borgo, Notai del consolato dei fiorentini, Notai della fabbrica di S. Pietro, and Notaro maggiore della camera capitolina.

118 buste (11,427 testamenti).


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Bentley Historical Library

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Catholic Church. Congregatio Reverendae Fabricae Sancti Petri.

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This congregation is better known by its Italian name, the Fabbrica di San Pietro. On April 18, 1506, Pope Julius II laid the first stone of the great new basilica dedicated to St. Peter that was to replace the first basilica constructed by Constantine the Great. By the bull Admonet nos suscepti of December 12, 1523, Pope Clement VII formally established the Reverenda Fabbrica di San Pietro in the Vatican, an administrative entity to provide for the basilica's reconstruction and sub...

Basilica di San Pietro in Vaticano

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Papal States.

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Papal States. Collegio dei notai capitolini.

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Papal States. Notai del consolato dei fiorentini.

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Papal States. Tribunale del cardinale vicario.

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Rome (Italy). Governatore.

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Catholic Church. Notai della fabbrica di S. Pietro.

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Papal States. Tribunale del governatore.

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Papal States. Notaro maggiore della camera capitolina.

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