Registri matrimonialium et diversorum, ca. 1410-1411, 1438-1890.


Registri matrimonialium et diversorum, ca. 1410-1411, 1438-1890.

This series includes two distinct but related subseries: registers of supplications (suppliche) granted, and registers of bulls (bolle) produced by the office of the Penitentiary from about 1410 to 1890. From 1410 to 1569 the series consists solely of supplications. The bulls commence in 1569 with the reform of the Penitentiary by Pius V. The two series dovetail for a period of sixteen years until the registers of supplications end in the first year of the pontificate of Sixtus V (1585). Register 27 of the supplications was not produced by the Penitentiary, but by the papal secretaries Leonardo Grifo and Andrea da Trebisonda and properly belong between Registra Vaticana 670 and 671 (cf. Tamburini below, where the index to this volume is published). Register 162 contains letters and approved supplications by Poenitentiarius Maior Carlo Borromeo. The bulls primarily concern matrimonial dispensations. They were prepared in the office of minor graces of the Penitentiary, but they were sent through the Chancery. These records were transferred from the Penitenzieria Apostolica (Via della Conciliazione 34, Rome, Italy) in 1980.

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