Biography clippings : "H" [surname] folder 1895-2005.


Monterey Public Library. California History Room. Biography clippings : "H" [surname] folder 1895-2005.

Biography clippings : "H" [surname] folder 1895-2005.

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Hellam, Monty. (person)

Hu, Chi Chung. (person)

Hoang, John. (person)

Humes, Frank. (person)

Harlan, Donald Alwin. (person)

Hutton, Wm. R. (William Rich), 1826-1901 (person)

William Rich Hutton, surveyor and engineer, came to California in 1847 as a clerk with his uncle, Major William Rich, paymaster for U.S. volunteer troops. For the next six years, Hutton was employed as a surveyor and draftsman. During this time he made watercolor and pencil drawings of California scenes. In 1853 he returned to the East and worked as an engineer on various projects including the Washington Bridge and Hudson River Tunnel in New York City. From the description of Papers...

Haseltine, Orre B. (person)

Howard, Ann Jamison. (person)

Hellam, Frank. (person)

Hansen, Christian. (person)

Hallett, Harold E. (person)

Haderlie, Eugene Clinton (person)

Haderlie earned his degrees in zoology at the University of California, Berkeley: A.B. 1943, M.A., 1948, and Ph.D., 1950. He has taught at the Monterey Peninsula College, University of California, Berkeley, Bodega Marine Laboratory, Naval Postgraduate School, and Hopkins Marine Station. Dr. Haderlie was National Science Foundation Fellow in 1958-59 and did research in England and Italy. He served as one of the senior scientists on the 1965 Te Vega expedition of Stanford University. His research ...

Hermann, Edith Elizalde. (person)

Hall, Eddie, 1912-1963 (person)

Hope, Bob, 1903-2003 (person)

Bob Hope (b. May 29, 1903, London, England–d. July 27, 2003, Los Angeles, CA) was a star of radio, film, television and stage during the 1940-1970's. He acted, song and danced through much of WW II entertaining troops. He continued entertaining troops though Korea, Vietnam and the Middle East. Additionally, Hope made many guest appearances on television as well as hosting his own specials. ...

Hoge, Coffey Montgomery (person)

Hopper, James, 1876-1956 (person)

Hughes, James, 1955- (person)

Hillbun, Grace E. (person)

Huges, Andy C. (person)

Hicks, Madeleine. (person)

Hollingsworth, John McHenry, 1823-1889 (person)

Born in Baltimore, Hollingsworth was mustered into service, Aug. 31, 1846, as part of the Stevenson's New York Volunteers. He sailed aboard the ship Susan Drew, one of the three ships carrying the regiment, arriving in San Francisco Bay on Mar. 22, 1847. Upon its arrival in Calif., the regiment was divided up and Hollingsworth was transferred to Monterey and subsequently to Los Angeles, where he served until mustered out of service on Sept. 18, 1848. From the description of John McHe...

Hathaway, Patti. (person)

Henning, Ruth. (person)

Haggard, James. (person)

Herold, Edie. (person)

Hermann, Ernest Edward, Rear Admiral. (person)

Humphrey, Gilbert W. (person)

Hubbard, Josepha. (person)

Harlan, Ada. (person)

Hernandez, Mary Beth (person)

Heryer, Fred. (person)

Houghton, Henry Spencer. (person)

Holtz, Roy. (person)

Hatton family. (person)

Holman, Luther Rensselaer. (person)

Hill, Elaine Bennett. (person)

Hudson, William George. (person)

Hess, Robin. (person)

Handler, Harry. (person)

Harper, Rick (person)

Herman, Pauline ˜vonœ (person)

Hall, Stan, d. 2010 (person)

Hebbron, Eleanor Noice. (person)

Hambrook, Gordon D. (person)

Harlan, Doris B. (person)

Hefling, Thomas J. (person)

Horsburgh, Margaret, 1943- (person)

Hague, Vaughn M. (person)

Hill, William Henry Pawley. (person)

Haidach, John. (person)

Halleck, H. W. 1815-1872. (person)

Hoyt, H. Spencer, Dr. (person)

Howard, Anita Zabala. (person)

Hanssens, Noel Achiel. (person)

Hohfeld, Lillian Devendorf. (person)

Hall, Arthur D. (Arthur David) (person)

Houser, Berdine. (person)

Hopper, Jr. James. (person)

Harris, Leo A. (person)

Hawes, Fred. (person)

Hill, David S. (person)

Howland, Chauncey. (person)

Holman, Wilford Rensselaer. (person)

Hunt, William P., Dr. (person)

Hale, Pamela (person)

Heath, Bertha S., Dr. (person)

Heidrick, A. C. (Anton Charles), 1876-1955. (person)

Hagemeyer, Max. (person)

Hadden, Anne, (person)

Anne Hadden was a librarian in Palo Alto and Monterey, California. From the description of Anne Hadden collection of letters from American authors, 1869-1935. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122369438 ...

Healey, Giles G. (Giles Greville), 1901-1980 (person)

Hiss III, Philip Hanson. (person)

Hess, Paul E. 1863-1943 (person)

Heisinger, James F. (person)

Hatcher, Robert Stettinius, Admiral. (person)

Hanna, Rufugio. (person)

Hughes, Stafford. (person)

Hunt, Rockwell Dennis, 1868- (person)

Historian, educator. Ph. D., Johns Hopkins University (1895). Taught at University of the Pacific, San Jose, Calif. (1896-1902). Principal, San Jose High School (1902-1908). Professor of Economics (1908-1920) and Dean of Graduate School (1920-1945) at University of Southern California. Director of California History Foundation at University of the Pacific, Stockton, Calif. (1946-1954). Author of numerous books and pamphlets on various aspects of California history, including "California and Cali...

Heron, Bert. (person)

Hattori, Takashi, 1931- (person)

Hatton, Howard A. (person)

Hartnell, Ella S. (person)

Hathaway, James, 1955- (person)

Hidas, Louis. (person)

Hansen William E. (person)

Horne, Frederick F. (person)

Harper, Sinclair. (person)

Hare, Julia 1867-1934 (person)

Hillbun, Harvey J. (person)

Heisler, Francis and Friedy. (person)

Henson, Alexander. (person)

Howe, Gordon H. (person)

Hudson, Lester Jay, Rear Admiral. (person)

Heard, Wesley R. (person)

Howze, Robert L. Jr., Maj. Gen. (person)

Houston, Tom Rappe. (person)

Higgins, Clarence B. (person)

Hatton, Mary Salterbach. (person)

Hines, James J., 1876-1957 (person)

1912 won election for N.Y.C. Eleventh Assembly District; 1913 became Chief Clerk to the Board of Aldermen; Lieutenant in the Motor Transport Corps during World War I; 1920 Won primary in N.Y.C. Eleventh Assembly District; Lost election to become Manhattan borough president, 1921; August 1938 indicted for protection of the Dutch Schultz mob and for complicity in a lottery or "numbers game"; Sept 12, 1938 mistrial declared by N.Y. Supreme Court Justice Pecora; February 1939 Hines found guilty of a...

Heron, Frederick S. (person)

Hannum, Elizabeth (person)

Harrington, Kay McCoy. (person)

Hughes Martha M. Cooper. (person)

Hoxie, Helen. (person)

Hudson, William Leverreth, 1794-1862 (person)

William Leverreth Hudson was born in Brooklyn, New York, on May 11, 1794. He joined the United States Navy in 1815, and served onboard the Alert and Ontario in the Mediterranean Sea until 1817. He was later stationed off the coasts of Africa and South America, and at the New York Navy Yard. In 1838, Hudson commanded the Peacock as part of the Charles Wilkes Exploring Expedition, and in 1842, he received a promotion to commander. From 1849 to 1852, he commanded the Vincennes on voyages around the...

Hollister, William G. (person)

Hart, Archie John, Dr. (person)

Howard, Donald R. (person)

Born in Waco, Texas, Donald Howard graduated from Baylor University in 1979, later receiving a master of arts from the Radio-Television-Film department at the University of Texas at Austin in 1987. In 1996, Howard produced, wrote, and directed Letter from Waco, a documentary broadcast nation-wide on PBS that explores the social history of Waco, Texas, as well as the 1993 stand-off between the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms and the Branch Davidians. From the description of L...

Heisler, Francis, 1895- (person)

Horder, (West) Barbara. (person)

Hinwood, Elizabeth Caldwell. (person)

Harper, Harold A. (Harold Anthony), 1911-1988 (person)

Holstrom, Everett W., 1916-2000 (person)

Everett W. “Brick” Holstrom (b.1916, Cottage Grove, Oregon-d. Dec. 2, 2000), U.S. Air Force officer and pilot, entered military service in 1939 and completed flying school the following year. On Christmas Day 1941, he participated in the destruction of an enemy submarine off the west coast of the U.S. In April 1942 he piloted a B-25 as a member of Doolittle's raiders in the initial U.S. bombing of the mainland of Japan. Following World War II, he was assigned to Strategic Air Command (SAC) Headq...

Hsing, Hwang, General. (person)

Hanna, William John, 1931-.... (person)

Hurlbert, Elgin C. (person)

Hutchins, Judy. (person)

Hyde, Ethel. (person)

Hutchins, Bertha H. (person)

Hussey, Allis Fountain, Maj. Ret. (person)

Harlan, Ada Mrs. Wilbur Judson. (person)

Hollins, Isabel. (person)

Harrington, Monte. (person)

Heinz, Rudy. (person)

Hernandez, D. (person)

Hayes, Elfrieda Swetnam. (person)

Raphaël, 1483-1520 (person)

Painter. From the description of Autograph signature to a receipt, 1514 Mar. 1. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270616308 Raphael was an Italian painter, architect and sculptor. From the description of Album of 25 drawings, ca. 1510. (Winterthur Library). WorldCat record id: 122568220 Epithet: Jew, of Hagenau in Alsace British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000877.0x0000e7 ...

Havens, James Garfield, Dr. Rev. (person)

Hartman, Mary, Sister. (person)

Harris, Charlotte A. ca. 1825-1896 (person)

Hill, Louis Warren, -1948 (person)

Houston, Geraldine McGuire. (person)

Hoppe, Jacob D. (person)

Hoffman, Fred (person)

Hastey, Edward L. (person)

Harper, George McLean, 1863- (person)

Methodist minister, of Helena, Mont. From the description of George Harper interview, 1996 Nov. (Montana Historical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 70963261 Laura (Riding) Jackson was a poet, critic, and author best known for her association with the Fugitives in the Thirties, for her literary partnership with Robert Graves, and as the editor of Epilogue. From the description of George M. Harper collection of Laura (Riding) Jackson letters, 1974-1979. (Corn...

Hauers, Rita (person)

Hurley, Regis. (person)

Hoge, Florence E. (person)

Hill, Elizabeth Beard, 1914- (person)

Herbert, Charles (American architect, contemporary) (person)

Howland, Charles Wing, 1817-1896 (person)

Hopkins, Henry (person)

Hitchcock, William R. (William Robertson), 1920- (person)

Hall, Stanley (person)

Harrison, Lou, 1917-2003 (person)

Composer and teacher at Black Mountain College (1951-1952). From the description of Lou Harrison papers, 1946-1971. (University of Connecticut). WorldCat record id: 28418179 Composed 1940. First performance Oakland, California, 18 July 1940.--Cf. Fleisher Collection. From the description of Canticle / Lou Harrison. 1940. (Franklin & Marshall College). WorldCat record id: 52199133 American composer. From the description of Interview conduc...

Hill, Cortland Taylor. (person)

Heath, Harold, 1868-1951 (person)

Heath was Professor of Zoology at Stanford University and cooperated with Hubert Schenck, Professor of Geology, in studying a small clam of genus Nucula. From the description of Harold Heath papers, 1898-1943. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122511009 Biographical/Historical Sketch Heath was Professor of Zoology at Stanford University and cooperated with Hubert Schenck, Professor of Geology, in studying a small clam of gen...

Harden, Eugene H. (person)

Hollins, Carolyn White. (person)

Holman, Zena Patrick. (person)

Heller, Leonard Geoffrey. (person)

Hamming, R. W. (Richard Wesley), 1915-1998 (person)

Hurff, Jack Ellet, Adm. (person)

Higginbottham, Gail. (person)

Hilbert, Jack. (person)

Holt, Edison. (person)

Harden, Ercia E., Mrs. Eugene. (person)

Hurd, Vernon. (person)

Hopkins, Edward, 1797-1876 (person)

Hogan, Kathleen B. (person)

Hemingway, Caroline (person)

Hatton, William J. (William Joseph), 1947- (person)

Humm-Bremser, Debbie. (person)

Holmgren, Katherine. (person)

Hatton, Louise M. (person)

Houston, Harry Allen. (person)

Hatch, Isaac Cooper, 1847-1914 (person)

Halle, Arne Folkenborg. (person)

Hlasny, Karel. (person)

Hovden, Knut K. (person)

Harbick, Lee. (person)

Heisler, Friedy B., 1900- (person)

Holman, Vivian. (person)

Harlan, Wilbur. (person)

Heater, Robert D. (person)

Hurlbert, Elgin Blaine. (person)

Hermann, Grover M. (person)

Hobson, (Hoborn), Joseph. (person)

Hawley, Elita. (person)

Hudson, Howard. (person)

Husemann, Carl 1898-1987 (person)

Hall, Aileen T. (person)

Hilby, Francis M. (person)

Haber, Edythe C. (person)

Harbert, Jason. (person)

Hitchcock, Joseph Field, 1815-1880 (person)

Hayes, E. A. (Everis Anson), 1855-1942 (person)

Everis Anson Hayes was born in Waterloo, Wisconsin, on March 10, 1855. He graduated from the law department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1879 and was admitted to the bar in the same year. After several years spent practicing law throughout Wisconsin, Hayes moved to Ironwood, Michigan, in 1886 and begin mining ore. In 1887 he traveled to San Jose, California, where he continued mining and also grew fruit. In 1901 he began publishing the San Jose Daily Herald. Hayes was elected to Con...

Herman, Patrick (person)

Haight, Fletcher M. (Fletcher Mathews), 1799-1866 (person)

Hurley, John F. (John Fidelis) (person)

Harper, Willie J. (person)

Hellam, Lee. (person)

Hull, Jesse L. (person)

Monterey Public Library. California History Room. (corporateBody)

Haselkorn, Abraham Rabbi. (person)

Hughes-Calero, Heather (person)

Hoffman, Ellie (person)

Hutt, William, Sir, 1801-1882 (person)

Epithet: MP, KCB British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001026.0x00028e Epithet: yeoman, of Bocking British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000001127.0x00010a ...

Hartez, J. L. (person)

Hudson, Daniel C., 1832-1905 (person)

Huntington, Collis Potter, 1821-1900 (person)

Collis P. Huntington was President of the Southern Pacific Railroad at the time this letter was written (1892). He tells his Fresno District Superintendent, James L. Frazier, that he is glad the latter's family is comfortably situated in the Pollaskey house, Fresno. From the description of Huntington correspondence, 1892. (University of the Pacific). WorldCat record id: 36847465 Financier and railroad executive. From the description of Papers of Collis Potter Hun...

Hughett, Richard. (person)

Horne, Eleanor Call. (person)

Haas, Vernon W. (person)

Hulanicki, Leo. (person)

Hoffman, Amos, 1970- (person)

Haskell, Martin Jr. (person)

Henault, John (person)

Hambey, Adolf (person)

Hare, Lou G. (person)

Hilby, Julia. (person)

Hollins, Marion, -1944 (person)

Holman, Rensselaer Luther. (person)

Henneken, Kasper M. (person)

Harlan, Paul. (person)

Hebrard, Clifford. (person)

Huff, Mary Ann. (person)

Hihn, Frederick Augustus. (person)

Hanks, Julian (person)

Hudson, Margaret W. (person)

Hansen, Russel S. (person)

Hecox, Adna A. (person)

Haltiner, George J. (person)

Meteorologist. From the description of Oral history interview with George Haltiner, 2000. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79918213 ...

Harrell, Ben. (person)

Ben Harrell was a United States (U.S.) Army officer who graduated from the U.S. Military Academy in the class of 1933. He was with the 3rd Infantry Division (1942-1944), and held other commands in the Mediterranean Theater of Operations (ETO) during World War II (WWII). After the war, Harrell commanded the 511th Infantry Regiment (1949-1950), staff assignments with the 11th Airborne Division (1949-1951), Staff, U.S. Commander of Berlin (1954-1955); aide-de-camp (ADC) and commander of such units ...

Holt, Harry D. (person)

Hellum, Bertha. (person)

Harris, George Chase, 1825-1890 (person)

Hastings, Lansford Warren, 1819-approximately 1870 (person)

Hutchins, Henry T. (person)

Hall, Bunelle Merritt. (person)

Hillebrandt, Ina, 1943- (person)

Hallett, Betty Ann, Mrs. Harold C. (person)

Heller, Ben, 1925- (person)

Art collector, patron, dealer (New York, N.Y.). From the description of Ben Heller interview, 1973 Jan. 8. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 220183985 Ben Heller (1925- ) is an art collector, patron, and dealer from New York, N.Y. From the description of Oral history interview with Ben Heller, 1973 Jan. 8 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 495595108 ...

Hawthorne, Terrill. (person)

Hudson, Thomsen Jay. (person)

Hayler, Robert W., Admiral. (person)

Hames, Benjamin. (person)

Hutchings, Moses S. (person)

Hatton, Harriet Helen. (person)

Henning, Carol Alice (person)

Hicks, Johnny, 1918-1997 (person)

Radio announcer. Born May 19, 1918. Announcer and master of ceremonies for the KRLD Big D Jamboree during the 1950s. From the description of Oral history interview with Johnny Hicks; 1995 March 3; interview conducted by John W. Rumble. 1995 Mar. 3. (Country Music Foundation, Library & Media Center). WorldCat record id: 58841226 ...

Heron, Herbert, 1881-1968 (person)

Hicks, Robert Waldo. (person)

Hartnell, Teresa de la Guerra. (person)

Harlan, George H. (person)

George Harlan is father of Howard Harlan. From the description of ALS, 1845 January 23 : Warren Co., Ohio to Howard Harlan / Geo. Harlan. (Haverford College Library). WorldCat record id: 52891680 ...

Honegger, Barbara (person)

Heath, Scott A., Dr. (person)

Houck, Hiram. (person)

Hartnell, Refugio Moreno. (person)

Hubbard, Bruce L. (person)

Howitt, Beatrice F. (person)

Hay, Peter (person)

Hawkins, Mildred Birks. (person)

Harrison, James C., 1921- (person)

Hill, Henry (person)

Henry Hill was a clock maker working in New York City. From the description of Tall case brass dial clock, ca. 1750. (Winterthur Library). WorldCat record id: 770378051 ...

Heaviside, Robert William, Lt. Col. (person)

Hudson, David, 1977-.... (person)

Hinshaw, Merton. (person)

Henry, William Irwin. (person)

Hansen, H.C. (Hans Christian), 1906-1960 (person)

Hallett, Carol. (person)

Hazard, Hap. (person)

Hayman, Friederike. (person)

Hutchings, Rome C. (person)

Hoover, Herbert, 1874-1964 (person)

Herbert Clark Hoover (b. August 10, 1874, Iowa-d. October 20, 1964), thirty-first president of the United States, was born in Iowa, and was orphaned as a child. A Quaker known from his childhood as "Bert" to his friends, he began a career as a mining engineer soon after graduating from Stanford University in 1895. Within twenty years he had used his engineering knowledge and business acumen to make a fortune as an independent mining consultant. In 1914 Hoover administered the American Relief Com...

Hougland, Willard (person)

Hougland was originally from Kansas City; became writer, publisher, anthropologist, impresario, businessman and gourmet cook; served as asst. to the director, Laboratory of Anthropology, Santa Fe, NM; edited the New Mexico number of the Southwest Review, 1946; moved to California, where he ran a rare book store and art gallery in the South Bay area of Los Angeles County; died in 1958 in Monterey, CA. From the description of Papers, 1946. (University of California, Los Angeles). World...

Harrah, Eugene Judge. (person)

Herrera, Ysabel. (person)

Hampton Hoge, John. (person)

Hoyt, H. M. (person)

Hunt, Harry C. (person)

Haldorn, Stuart. (person)

Hartnell, William E. P. (William Edward Petty), 1798-1854 (person)

Born in England in 1798, William Edward Petty Hartnell, also known as Guillermo Eduardo Hartnell, came to California in 1822 after spending several years in South America in the employ of Lima's John Begg and Co. Beginning in 1823, Hartnell, with his partner Hugh McCulloch, conducted an extensive trade with the California missions, exchanging hides and tallow, foodstuffs, and other goods. Hartnell converted to Catholicism in 1824, married Maria Teresa de la Guerra in 1825, and became a Mexican c...

Hering, Carl Gottlieb, 1766-1853 (person)

Paul Hering lived in Methuen, Mass., and was a student at the Lowell Textile School. From the description of [Textile theses] 1882, 1907-1909. (American Textile History Museum Library). WorldCat record id: 48450608 ...

Henry, Richard J. (Richard Joseph) (person)

Hutchinson, Lorraine Mason. (person)

Higuera, Joseph. (person)

Hare, Hildreth Taylor Masten. (person)

Hinrichs, John Honeycutt Lt. Gen. Ret. (person)

Hecox, Laura (person)

Hanssens, Maurice G. (person)

Hodges, Lynn, 1961- (person)

Hitchcock, Isabelle M. (person)

Hillyer, Roy Noyes. (person)

Haas, Florence Gillum. (person)

Holman, Clarence Hugh (person)

Hahn, Marion Insco. (person)

Harris, Zoe Elsa. (person)

Hare, Chester (person)