Papers of Henry Z. Osborne, 1878-1924.


Osborne, Henry Zenas, 1848-1923. Papers of Henry Z. Osborne, 1878-1924.

Papers of Henry Z. Osborne, 1878-1924.

The collection includes 720 pieces of correspondence, 32 receipts and account statements and 15 pieces of ephemera. All receipts and accounts belonged to Henry Z. Osborne and the majority of them are for mining-related expenses. The ephemera are primarily related to politics in general, and California politics in particular, although other interests are also represented. Of note is a book containing photographs of the construction of the harbor in San Pedro, California. The majority of the correspondence is addressed to Osborne, although 24 of the letters were authored by him.

767 pieces.11 boxes.

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Henry Z. Osborne (1848-1923), child of Zenas Osborne and Juliaette Bristol Osborne, was born in new Lebanon, N.Y., on October 4, 1848. From New York, Osborne moved to New Orleans, where he worked as a printer, reporter, and newspaper correspondent before moving to California. Osborne spent the majority of his adult life in California, residing in Bodie until the early 1880's when he moved to Los Angeles. While in Bodie and Los Angeles, Osborne was active in publishing, politics and mining ventur...