Diana Korzenik collection of art education ephemera, 1781-1966 (bulk 1850-1940).


Diana Korzenik collection of art education ephemera, 1781-1966 (bulk 1850-1940).

A collection of art education materials composed of instructional materials (e.g. art instruction manuals, art reproductions, drawing books, drawing cards, painting books, penmanship books, etc.), instructional systems by William N. Bartholomew, Walter Smith and Louis Prang, objects (e.g. boxed painting sets, drawing slates, models, drawing desks, colored pencils, crayons, paint, etc.) and non-instructional materials (e.g. promotional materials, scrapbooks, Korzenik's student papers; catalogs, etc.).

ca. 1200 items.


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Milton Bardley began making toys in 1860. He developed the idea for the Myriopticon around 1866 after viewing a German toy with moving parts. For this toy, Bradley drew the pictures and wrote the scripts himself. The myriopticon is considered the first item to capture the home viewing audience with a moving picture. From the description of Myriopticon : a historical panorama of the rebellion / published by Milton Bradley & Co., [ca. 1866-ca. 1868]. (Winterthur Library). WorldCat ...

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Mabel Spofford was a Gloucester, Mass. artist, educator, and school art director. From the description of Mabel Spofford collection of art education materials, 1947-1982 (bulk 1947-1948). (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 43335725 ...

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The Eberhard Faber Pencil Company began as a U.S. subsidiary branch of A.W. Faber Company in 1849. Eberhard Faber's great grandfather, Casper Faber, began to manufacture and market pencils in the village of Stein, located near Nuremberg, Bavaria (now Germany), in 1761. Casper Faber's son, Anton Wilhelm (A.W.), took over the management of the business in 1784 and grew the business. He eventually renamed it A.W. Faber Company. The company continued under several more generations of Fa...

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The McLoughlin Brothers published children's books from the early 1800s through the 1970s. They were famous for their chromolithographed books, toys, games and other material designed for children. From the description of McLoughlin Brothers papers, ca. 1854-1951. [Part 3]. (University of Southern Mississippi, Regional Campus). WorldCat record id: 49356519 From the description of McLoughlin Brothers papers, ca. 1854-1951. [Part 1]. (University of Southern Mississippi, Region...

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Korzenik, Diana, 1941-

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Diana Korzenik is an art professor and historian in Newton, Mass. Korzenik was a student and friend of Arnheim's and wrote about Arnheim. From the description of Diana Korzenik papers concerning Rudolf Arnheim, circa 1964-1983. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 710020369 ...

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John Stevens Cabot Abbott was born on September 18, 1805, in Brunswick, Maine. After attending Bowdoin College, Abbott studied at Andover Theological Seminary; following his graduation, he led several congregations in Massachusetts. Abbott wrote several books on history and on Christianity during his lifetime, and died in 1877. From the guide to the John Stevens Cabot Abbott autograph book, Abbott, John Stevens Cabot autograph book, 1851-1860, 1851-1853, (William L. Clements Library,...

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Ruth Faison Shaw was born in 1887 near Wilmington, N.C. She worked as a school teacher in North Carolina before World War I, but in 1918 she traveled to France to travel and support the war effort in a volunteer position through the Young Men's Christian Association. After a brief return to North Carolina, Shaw went back to Europe in 1920 and worked as a teacher for British and American children in Rome. During this time, she published several books: Offerings and Offsprings, The Old Shoe, and T...

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Knudsen, Carl Wilhelm, 1818-1894

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Bartholomew, William N. (William Newton), 1822-1898

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Faber-Castell (Firm)

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L. Prang & Co.

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In the 1880s, L. Prang & Co. was commissioned by W.T. Walters to prepare 116 color plates for a book on his collection of oriental ceramics. It took three artists from the firm and nearly ten years to produce the chromolithographic plates. Five hundred copies of the book, Oriental Ceramics Art, were published in 1896. From the description of Proof book, 1891. (Winterthur Library). WorldCat record id: 122555724 L. Prang & Co. made and published greeting cards for appr...

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Appletons' Journal was a journal of literature, science, and art published in the 19th century. From the description of Pages from "Appleton's Journal" regarding salmon fishing on the Columbia River [manuscript], 1870-1876. (Oregon Historical Society Research Library). WorldCat record id: 712599137 From the guide to the Pages from "Appleton's Journal" regarding salmon fishing on the Columbia River, 1870-1876, (Oregon Historical Society Research Library) ...

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When the Werner Company, a book manufacturing and publishing company in Akron, Ohio, decided to dispose of its book publishing department in late 1899, the manager of the department, Arthur J. Saalfield, purchased the business. On January 1, 1900, he started what was to become one of the largest publisher of children's books, activity books, and reprints in the world. Saalfield soon began to publish original works, such as Frances Trego Montgomery's Billy Whiskers (1903), the first book in the p...

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