Letters, 1634.


Letters, 1634.

This Accession contains three letters describing the landing of the two vessels between Cape Charles and Cape Henry, meetings with colonial leaders and planters, encounters with Indians, a visit to Jamestown, and exploration of the Chesapeake Bay, the Charles River, and Maryland. In the first letter to Sir Tobias Matthew, 13 July 1634, the landing is described, and his meeting with Captain [Claiborne] Cleyborne, a planter, Captain Cornwallis, and Captain Mathews, also a Virginia planter. Yong receives an invitation to visit Jamestown from Sir John Harvey, and it is from there the letter is written. The second letter, 20 October 1634, from the "Charles" River, is also addressed to Matthew; it describes the discovery of the river he names "Charles" as achieving one of the purposes of his trip. The third letter, to Sir Francis Windebank, begins with Yong heading north on 20 July to explore the Chesapeake Bay, and the discovery of the "Charles" River. Considerable detail on his encounter with Indians and "Hollanders," as well as information on crops and plants and animal life are given.

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Captain Thomas Yong was given authority by a British royal commission issued in 1633, to outfit armed vessels for a voyage to Virginia, and other adjacent places, to take possession in the king's name of any area uninhabited by Christians, to occupy it, establish civil government and enjoy the sole right of trade and commerce. From the description of Letters, 1634. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122640712 ...

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