Powel Family Papers, Samuel Powel (1738-1793) Series, 1729-1791.


Powel, Samuel, 1738-1793. Powel Family Papers, Samuel Powel (1738-1793) Series, 1729-1791.

Powel Family Papers, Samuel Powel (1738-1793) Series, 1729-1791.

Like most other sections of the larger Powel Family Papers, this section of Samuel Powel (1738-1793) papers should be seen as one part of a much-connected whole collection. This small (one box) section illustrates only only portions of Samuel Powel's life, and should be consulted with the papers of his father and grandfather and those of his wife Elizabeth Willing Powel. This section in turn contains quite a lot of information about the finances and estate of Samuel Powel's mother, Mary Morris Powel. It best demonstrates Powel's involvement with real estate (especially his dealings with Philadelphia carpenter Thomas Proctor), and shows little about his life of public service. Besides his handling of his mother's estate (with his uncle, Samuel Morris), Samuel Powel's family life is illustrated by one document only: a touching letter from his niece Hester Griffitts Montgomery, who had married James Montgomery to the apparent displeasure of her uncle. Prominent Philadelphians with Powel family connections include Anthony Benezet, who taught Mary Griffits in 1760; George Clymer; William Coleman; physician Samuel Powel Griffits (Samuel Powel's nephew); James Pemberton; and Edmund Physick. Robert Rutherford's letters to Samuel Powel during the 1780's provide interesting commentary on Powel's political stature.

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Samuel Powel was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1738. The son of a prominent Welsh family, Powel is best known for his two terms as Mayor of Philadelphia, from 1775-17761 and from 1789-1790. The office of mayor lay vacant between his two terms; thus, Powel was the last colonial era mayor of Philadelphia, and the first mayor of the city after independence was secured. The second of three children, Powel graduated from the City College of Philadelphia (now the University of Pennsylvania) in...

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