James Mulvey business records, 1883-1912.


James Mulvey business records, 1883-1912.

Financial records, sometimes accompanied by minutes, legal papers, and log ledgers, of James Mulvey, Stillwater, Washington County (Minn.), documenting his investments in Stillwater enterprises, including the logging firm of Mulvey and [David] Carmichael (1886-1904), the Clearwater Logging Company (1897-1912), the Knife River Improvement Company (1893-1909), the Stillwater Scale Company (1893-1895), the Fulton Meat Market (1906), Mulvey and Son (1904-1910), James Mulvey (1881-1886), Mulvey and Bergstein (1896-1912), and the Lily Lake Ice Company (1906), as well as timberland in Beltrami County (Minn.) and British Columbia. Correspondence (ca. 1 ft.) reflects the dealings of all of these enterprises.

8.5 cu. ft. (6 boxes, incl. 27 v.)


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Minnesota Historical Society Library

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