Military muster rolls, 1846.


Kentucky. Governor (1844-1848 : Owsley). Military muster rolls, 1846.

Military muster rolls, 1846.

These items document Governor William Owsley's role as commander-in-chief of the Kentucky militia and the use of his power and privilege to order the formation of new militia units. These new units were apparently created for service in the Mexican War. Included in the muster rolls are the name of each member, his rank, height, age, whether he had servants, articles and value of clothing issued at time of enrollment, and the signatures of the member and a witness.

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Historical note: In 1792 the Kentucky General Assembly established the Kentucky Militia. The act required that all white males between the ages of eighteen and forty-five be enrolled in the militia, form companies, and participate in several musters each year. These companies could be called to active duty by the governor in case of war, insurrection, or danger to public safety. In 1860 the militia was reorganized into the State Guard, the Enrolled Militia, and the Militia of the Reserve. ...

Kentucky. Governor (1844-1848 : Owsley) (corporateBody)