Reinhard Bendix papers, 1929-1998.


Bendix, Reinhard. Reinhard Bendix papers, 1929-1998.

Reinhard Bendix papers, 1929-1998.

The bulk of the Bendix collection consists of Bendix' writings and the materials used by him for research purposes as well as for his courses in political and social sciences. This includes a large volume of materials on Max Weber, social stratification, power and authority, bureaucracy, industrialization and large-scale organizations. Bendix' files contain correspondence dealing with his career at the University of California, Berkeley and include materials pertaining to controversies at the university and within the Department of Sociology, as well as student issues and recommendations. Also present in the collection are a number of files dealing with individuals and issues connected with both the American Sociological Association and the International Sociological Association.

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