Kurt Fisher Haitian collection (Additions), 1810-1957.


Fisher, Kurt A., 1908-. Kurt Fisher Haitian collection (Additions), 1810-1957.

Kurt Fisher Haitian collection (Additions), 1810-1957.

Haiti historical documents from the collection of Kurt Fisher. The Government Papers series comprises a file of autograph letters from Haitian heads of state ranging from 1810 to 1955; one 1816 financial ledger from the period of Henri Christophe's reign; a letter copybook from Haitian statesman Beaubrun Ardouin (1845-1846); legislative correspondence and a letter copybook from the Haitian Senate (1883-1884); and other government papers, including contracts and customs documents indicative of Haiti's import and export trade. The remainder of this series concerns various presidential administrations, including the "Ephemeral Governments" period of 1912-1915, and the U.S. occupation of Haiti in 1915-1934. Also included are documents of the Patriotic Union, an organization of Haitian intellectuals opposed to the U.S. occupation, and correspondence of its national coordinator, Perceval Thoby. The Francois Manigat series consists of personal letters, correspondence related to the military campaign led by General Manigat against the Liberal insurrection of 1883, documents relating to Manigat's own insurgency against the Hyppolite government in 1892, and Manigat's diplomatic correspondence for 1897-1898. Manigat served under President Louis Etienne Felicite Lysius Salomon as Minister of Education and Agriculture, and as Delegate Extraordinary during the 1883-1884 siege of the city of Miragoane. He became the uncontested leader of the National Party after President Salomon's death.

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