Hans Speier papers, 1922-1989.


Hans Speier papers, 1922-1989.

The Hans Speier papers primarily focus on Speier's career in the U.S. after his emigration. The collection includes correspondence with colleagues and leading scholars of the day, including Max Ascoli, Reinhard Bendix, Arvid Brodersen, Lewis A. Coser, Alexander George, Herbert Goldhammer, Joseph Goldsen, Fred C. Ikle, Alvin Johnson, Paul Kecskemeti, Henry J. Kellermann, Ernst Kris, Nathan Leites, M. Rainer Lepsius, Hans Staudinger and Leo Strauss. Also represented in the collection is a lengthy correspondence with co-editors of Propaganda and Communication in World History, Harold Lasswell and Daniel Lerner, and individual contributors. The RAND Corporation materials document Speier's career as organizer and Head of the Social Science Division of the RAND Corporation and a member of the RAND Research Council. During those years he wrote and directed numerous studies for RAND and the texts of many of the position papers, memoranda, lecture texts and essays are present in the collection. Included in the Nazi and anti-Nazi propaganda materials is a collection of rare leaflets prepared by the Psychological Warfare Branch of the U.S. Army and disseminated to enemy troops in Italy in 1943-1944. The collection also contains numerous texts of essays, as well as typescript and manuscript versions of books.

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Speier, Hans

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During his lifetime, Hans Speier was distinguished by two very distinct careers. Speier was a lecturer in political sociology and economics in Germany (1931-1933) before emigrating to the U.S. to accept a position as lecturer and professor of political sociology on the newly formed Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research in New York (1933-1942, 1947-1948), lecturing summers at the University of Illinois and the University of Michigan. Speier interrupted his university career for o...

Iklé, Fred Charles

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Scholar of political philosophy. Born 1899. PhD, Hamburg University, 1921. Academy of Jewish Research, Berlin, 1925-1932. Professor, Columbia University, 1937. Professor, New School for Social Research, 1941-1948. Professor, University of Chicago, 1949-1968. Scott Buchanan Distinguished Scholar, St. John's College, 1965-1973. From the description of Papers, 1930-1997. (University of Chicago Library). WorldCat record id: 55818950 ...

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Ascoli, Max, 1898-1978

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Kecskemeti, Paul

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Goldsen, Joseph M.

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Leites, Nathan, 1912-1987

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Brodersen, Arvid, 1904-1996

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