Investment analysis files ("T-U"), 1909-1959 (bulk 1931-1954).


Investment analysis files ("T-U"), 1909-1959 (bulk 1931-1954).

The records contain some information on the workings of the Trust Dept., but are more useful for the information they contain on the individual companies in which the department invested.

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The Travelers Insurance Company was founded in 1863 as an underwriter of property, accident, life and health insurance. From the description of Records, 1867-1936 (bulk 1867-1886). (University of Wyoming, American Heritage Center). WorldCat record id: 28062343 The Atlanta fire of 1917 began at 12:45pm on May 21, 1917, near the corner of Fort Street and Decatur Street. It is believed that the fire was a result of embers blowing in the wind from a fire, which had ...

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Incorporated in Texas on December 23, 1909, to acquire a promising sulphur deposit in Matagorda County, Texas; established its first major plant at Big Hill Dome in 1919; has produced and marketed over 50 million tons of sulphur. From the description of Collection, 1947-1963. (Texas Tech University). WorldCat record id: 23366004 ...

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Manufacturer of automotive and air transportation equipment based in Cleveland, Ohio. Incorporated in 1916. Frederick C. Crawford became president in 1933 and espoused a philosophy of industrial relations which came to be called "Crawfordism". It was antagonistic to outside labor unions and sought to promote internal harmony through management-led education of employees. In 1958 the firm's name was changed to Thompson Ramo Wooldridge, inc. and in 1965 to TRW Inc. From the description...

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American distribution and production corporation of motion pictures. From the description of Pressbooks, 1977-1978. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122391955 American film producing and distributing corporation formed by the merger of two companies in the early half of the century. In 1915 William Fox began the Fox Film Corporation; and in 1925, he bought controlling interest in the then largest theater in the world, the Roxy Theater of New York, N.Y. The Roxy boasted a seati...

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Charles Van Wyck Brooks served aboard a United Fruit Company steamship for two weeks in the summer before he entered Harvard. From the description of Correspondence to Charles Van Wyck Brooks, 1929. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 191822172 NYC; Boston, MA. From the description of Pamphlets, ca.1935. (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). WorldCat record id: 122523662 The United Fruit Company was formed in 1899 when the Boston...

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Served Oklahoma and other Western states. From the description of Union Pacific collection, 1930-1932. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70972329 The story of the Union Pacific Railroad's involvement with oil and the Tidelands goes back to at least 1911 when the State of California granted the City of Long Beach its tidelands properties for development of commerce, navigation, fisheries, and recreation under a public trust doctine, meaning any development and revenues from such...

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Electric company in Utah. From the description of Letter, 1913. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 145435713 ...

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American Steel & Wire Co., descendant from Washburn & Moen, acquired by U.S. Steel in 1901 and became its American Steel & Wire Division; employed 4000 workers during 1940s; facilities expansion at South Works plant in 1957-1958; ceased operations in Worcester in 1977. From the description of United States Steel Corporation photograph collection, 1940-1970 (bulk 1957-1958). (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70965884 On June 30, 1960, U.S. Steel Corporat...

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Rubber products manufacturing firm formed in 1892 through the consolidation of various companies, including the Boston Rubber Company and L. Candee and Company, New Haven, Conn. From the description of Records of Boston office, 1876-1900 (inclusive). (Harvard Business School). WorldCat record id: 269580845 ...

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Trans World Airlines, formerly Transcontinental & Western Air, was founded in 1930 by a merger of Pittsburgh Aviation Industries, Western Express, and T.A.T.- Maddox Airlines (founded in 1929 by Charles Lindbergh). Trans World Airlines began all-air coast to coast commercial service in 1930-1931 and was built into an aviation giant by Howard Hughes. TWA merged with American Airlines in 2001. From the description of Trans World Airlines records, 1929-1982 (bulk 1944-1970). (Univer...

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The Wilmington Trust Company was incorporated on March 2, 1901, as the Delaware Guarantee & Trust Company. It assumed its current name upon formal organization on March 6, 1903, and opened for business in the first unit of the Du Pont Building on July 8, 1903. The company was organized in the interest of T. Coleman and Pierre S. du Pont, who were the first president and vice preident respectively. One of the primary functions of the company was to manage trusts for those branches of the du P...

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Coal and oil company. Formed by Robert Dickey Hunter in Erath County, Texas, 1888. Also, Hunter established the company town, Thurber, Tex., named for H.K. Thurber, Hunter's business partner. Area reached peak development in early 1900s, providing half the coal supply for Texas. Oil discoveries near Ranger, Texas (1917), prompted the company to cease its Thurber operations. In 1933 the company moved its headquarters to Fort Worth. After Seagrams Distillers Company purchased the company in 1963, ...

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This collection contains the transcripts and records of the 1949-1952 Sherman Act antitrust proceedings against the United Shoe Machinery Corporation in Massachusetts' federal court. United Shoe Machinery was created in 1899 by a merger of Goodyear Machinery Company, Consolidated Hand Lasting Machine Company, and McKay Shoe Machinery Company. It quickly became an international corporation and achieved nearly complete market domination in the United States. Un...