Letters of 19th century historians, 1871-1897.


Letters of 19th century historians, 1871-1897.

Primarily German historians writing to various recipients. There is an engraving of Wilhelm Lübke.

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Bancroft, George, 1800-1891

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George Bancroft was an American historian and statesman, and an active promoter of secondary education both in his home state and at the national level. As U. S. Secretary of the Navy under James K. Polk, Bancroft established the Naval Academy at Annapolis and later served as U.S. Minister to Great Britain (1846-1849), Prussia (1867-1871), and the German Empire (1871-1874). He is best remembered however for his 10-volume History of the United States, a work which fellow historian Leop...

Droysen, Gustav

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Delbrück, Hans, 1848-1929

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Treitschke, Heinrich ˜vonœ 1834-1896

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German professor of history in Berlin, Germany. From the description of Politik, 1893-1894. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122322616 From the guide to the Politik, 1893-1894, (L. Tom Perry Special Collections) ...

Grimm, Hermann O.

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Mommsen, Theodor Ernst, 1905-1958

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Koser, Reinhold, 1852-1914

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Paret, Peter

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American historian. From the description of Peter Paret papers, 1945-1992. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 123373296 ...

Froude, James Anthony, 1818-1894

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Distinguished historian James Anthony Froude was born at Dartington rectory, Devon, in 1818. He was the brother of William Froude (1810-1879), engineer and naval architect, and of Richard Hurrell Froude (1803-1836), divine. The younger Froude was educated at Westminster School from 1830, and then privately in the village of Merton. He studied at Oriel College, Oxford, from 1835, and graduated B.A. in 1842, and took his M.A. in 1843. After briefly writing on the life of St. Neot for the Lives of ...

Dove, Alfred

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Hirth, Georg.

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Sybel, Heinrich ˜vonœ 1817-1895

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Weizsäcker, Ludwig Julius.

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Waitz, Georg, 1813-1886

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Stern, Alfred, 1899-1980

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Duncker, Max, 1811-1886

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Epithet: author British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000696.0x000242 ...

Kapp, Friedrich

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Lübke, Wilhelm, 1826-1893

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Wattenbach, Wilhelm, 1819-1897

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Jordan, Max

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Director of the National-Galerie, Berlin. From the description of Autograph letter signed : Berlin, to an unidentified friend, a painter and collector, 1881 Aug. 24. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270486628 ...

Hehn, Victor, 1813-1890

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Victor Hehn (1813-1890) was an Estonian and German historian and librarian. From the guide to the Victor Hehn Collection, 1933-1940, (Special Collections Research Center, Syracuse University Libraries) ...

Kriegk, Georg Nikolaus, 1676-1730

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Lehmann, Max R.

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Schirrmacher, Friedrich Wilhelm, 1824-1904

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