Trade catalogs of home remedies and quack cures, 1752-1921.


Trade catalogs of home remedies and quack cures, 1752-1921.

Trade catalogs, pamphlets, advertisements of tonics, elixirs, potions, salves, herbal medicines, pills and pellets, waters, removers, and apparatus, and other ephemera relating to home remedies and quack cures.

197 items (1 box) : ill.

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Merck & Co. (corporateBody)

C.I. Hood & Co. (Lowell, Mass.) (corporateBody)

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Koskott Laboratory. (corporateBody)

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Hunts Remedy Co. (corporateBody)

Lougee Medicine Co. (corporateBody)

Humphreys, F. (Frederick), 1816-1900 (person)

Dr. Miles Medical Co. (corporateBody)

Green, Samuel A. (Samuel Abbott), 1830-1918 (person)

U.S. physician and historian. From the description of Letter, 1868, Feb. 18 : Boston, to Henry B. Dawson. (Duke University). WorldCat record id: 35089797 ...

Dr. Immanuels' Clinic & Healthotel. (corporateBody)

Fairchild, D. W (person)

Lambert Pharmacal Company (corporateBody)

Saint Louis, MO. From the description of Pamphlets and handbills, ca.1885-1913. (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). WorldCat record id: 122624563 ...

T.H. Midgley Co. (corporateBody)

Dad Chemical Company. (corporateBody)

Brown Herb Co. (corporateBody)

Maltine Manufacturing Co. (corporateBody)

Boericke & Tafel (corporateBody)

Athlophoros Company. (corporateBody)

R.H. McDonald Drug Company (corporateBody)

Stockham Publishing Co. (corporateBody)

American University (corporateBody)

Erie Medical Company. (corporateBody)

A.J. Ditman (Firm) (corporateBody)

Curriers' Tablets, Inc. (corporateBody)

H.K. Mulford Company (corporateBody)

Philadelphia, PA; 412-420 South 13th Street. From the description of Collection, ca.1895-1918. (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). WorldCat record id: 122523648 ...

Geo. A. Breon & Co. (corporateBody)

Kola Importing Co. (corporateBody)

Fairchild, Bros. & Foster. (corporateBody)

Lobl Manufacturing Company. (corporateBody)

Lewis School for Stammerers. (corporateBody)

B. Brandreths Sons. (corporateBody)

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F. Comar (Firm) (corporateBody)

Franklin Taylor Company. (corporateBody)

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Inter-National Drug Co. (corporateBody)

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California Hospital Company. (corporateBody)

Herb-o-zone Co. (corporateBody)

Dr. Hall Electro-Vigor Co. (corporateBody)

Ramsay Products Company. (corporateBody)

J. Henry Hallberg (Firm) (corporateBody)

G.S. Dunning (Firm) (corporateBody)

C.H. Goldthwaite (Firm) (corporateBody)

Mrs. A.W. Kidder (Firm) (corporateBody)

Massasoit Company. (corporateBody)

American Ferment Co. Inc. (corporateBody)

Moss Company. (corporateBody)

Angier Chemical Company (corporateBody)

Boston, MA. From the description of Advertisements, ca.1895-1930. (College of Physicians of Philadelphia). WorldCat record id: 122689536 ...

Actina Appliance Company. (corporateBody)

Microbe Killer Co. (corporateBody)

Chicago College of Naprapathy. (corporateBody)

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Fellows Medical Mfg. Co. (corporateBody)

Giant Oxie Company. (corporateBody)

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Foster, Milburn & Co. (corporateBody)

Hudhut, Richard. (person)

Hygienic Health Food Company. (corporateBody)

Irving Homeopathic Institute. (corporateBody)

Diamond Medicine Co. (corporateBody)

Colgate & Co. (corporateBody)

Magic Foot Draft Co. (corporateBody)

C.M. Collins (Firm) (corporateBody)

Mission Bead Company. (corporateBody)

E.C. Dewitt & Co. (corporateBody)

J.D. Bean (Firm) (corporateBody)

Seth P.H. Hale (Firm) (corporateBody)