Correspondence and papers of John Kendall, 1757-1781.


Kendall, John, fl. 1757-1795. Correspondence and papers of John Kendall, 1757-1781.

Correspondence and papers of John Kendall, 1757-1781.

Two folio notebooks containing copies of the correspondence and papers of John Kendall. The materials were apparently collected in preparation for a biography of John Kendall. A contemporary copy of the letterbook of John Kendall that comprises orders, communications, dispatches, etc. received and sent by John Kendall as commander of the H.M.S. Rainbow in 1779-1781. Included are communications from Commanders-in-chief of the North American station Sir George Collier and Marriot Arbuthnot and from John Kendall to various officers, especially Capt. Tyrringham Howe. The entries contain information on British naval operations off New York in 1779-1780 (including Stony Point, wintering in Huntington Bay, etc), desertions, supernumeraries, officers, crew, victuals, "Negroes" and prisoners onboard, etc. Included is information on H.M.S. Raisonnable, Vulture, Berlin, Galatea, and others. Nineteenth century copybook containing the extracts from journals kept by John Kendall onboard of the Vanguard, America, Fame, and the Princess Royal, and of orders, appointments, official communications and personal letters received by Kendall in 1766- 1779. Correspondents include John Byron (1723-1786), John Cartwright (1740-1824), Sir Hugh Palliser (1723-1796), and others. Also included is a letter of Sept. 1779, from Kendall to his brother.

2 volumes, 31 cm.

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