Papers, ca. 1930s-1970s.


Papers, ca. 1930s-1970s.

The correspondence in this collection concerns behavior genetics, evolution, heredity, etc. There is material relating to the congresses of the Permanent International Committee on Genetics, and the IXth (Bellagio, 1953), Xth (Montreal, 1958), and XIth (The Hague, 1963) International Congress of Genetics. There is also correspondence pertaining to the Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology (1955), the Mendel Semi-Centennial Symposium (1950), the Soviet geneticists' visit to the U.S. in 1967, and to Anton R. Zhebrak.

ca. 2500 items (3 linear ft.).

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Mayr, Ernst, 1904-2005 (person)

Correspondence to Lewis and Sophia Mumford from Ernst Mayr and his wife, Gretel Mayr. From the description of Letters, 1965-1979 : to Lewis and Sophia Mumford. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 155872482 Ernst Mayr is a zoologist. From the description of Papers, 1946, 1974-1979. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 173465832 From the guide to the Ernst Mayr papers, 1946, 1974-1979, Bulk, 1974-1979, 1946-1979, (American Philosophical Soc...

Sonneborn, T. M. (Tracy Morton), 1905-1981 (person)

Early geneticist whose early work with paramecium was critical to the discovery of genetic recombination. Sonneborn taught and conducted most of his important work at Indiana University, 1939-1981. In 1959 the National Academy of Science presented the Kimber Award for Genetics to Sonneborn. From the description of Sonneborn laboratory abstracts and papers, ca. 1931-1979. (Indiana University). WorldCat record id: 62198002 From the description of Sonneborn reprint collection, ...

Wallace, Bruce, 1920-.... (person)

Needham, Joseph, 1900-1995 (person)

Mendel Semi-Centennial Symposium (1950). (corporateBody)

Timoféeff-Ressovsky, N. W. (person)

Lerner, I. Michael (Isadore Michael), 1910- (person)

Isadore Michael Lerner was a geneticist. From the description of Papers, ca. 1930s-1970s. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122540762 Isadore Michael Lerner was a geneticist. Lerner's parentage made Russian his native language, but his command of English was superb. He spoke with little or no accent, his knowledge of idioms was excellent, and his written style, like that of another compatriot, Theodosius Dobzhansky, was ma...

Wright, Sewall, 1889-1988 (person)

Sewall Wright was a geneticist and educator, and was elected to the American Philosophical Society in 1932. From the description of Papers, ca. 1915-1985. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122489532 One of the pioneers of quantitative genetics and evolutionary biology, Sewall Wright was born in Melrose, Massachusetts, to Philip Green Wright and Elizabeth Quincy Sewall Wright on December 21, 1889. He was, as he was fond of noting, the ...

Gustafsson, Åke, 1908- (person)

Mather, Kenneth. (person)

Lewontin, Richard C., 1929- (person)

Richard C. Lewontin is a population biologist. From the description of Papers, ca. 1963-1980. (American Philosophical Society Library). WorldCat record id: 122578683 From the guide to the Richard C. Lewontin papers, ca. 1963-1980, Circa 1963-1980, (American Philosophical Society) ...

Berg, R.L. (person)

Haldane, J.B.S. (John Burdon Sanderson), 1892-1964 (person)

Lush, Jay L. (Jay Laurence) (person)

Professor of Animal Husbandry. J.L. Lush was appointed Professor of Animal Husbandry at Iowa State in 1930. He later served as Department Head and Distinguished Professor of Animal Science (through 1971). Lush developed improvement of livestock through his genetic and biometric research. He founded the field of population genetics, which redefined the concept of animal breeds along statistical norms. Lush was also at the forefront of synthetic hormone research, and Lush ...

International Congress of Genetics 1963 : Hague, Netherlands). (corporateBody)

Muller, H. J. (Hermann Joseph), 1890-1967 (person)

George Washington Corner worked as an anatomist, endocrinologist, and medical historian. From the guide to the George Washington Corner papers, 1889-1981, 1903-1982, (American Philosophical Society) H.J. Muller established the field of production of genetic mutations through x-ray irradiation. He received the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Physiology in 1946. From the description of [Collected reprints of H.J. Muller] 1916-1968. (Houston Academy of Medicine, Texas M...

Lysenko, Trofim, 1898-1976 (person)

Medawar, P. B. (Peter Brian), 1915-1987 (person)

Epithet: CH British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000561.0x000157 ...

Goldschmidt, Richard, 1878-1958 (person)

Professor of Zoology, University of California, Berkeley. From the description of Richard Benedict Goldschmidt papers, bulk 1900-1956. (University of California, Berkeley). WorldCat record id: 82679468 Biography Richard B. Goldschmidt was born on April 12, 1878 in Frankfurt am Main. He studied in Heidelberg and Munich, 1896-1902, under Otto Bütschli and Richard Hertwig, receiving his PhD in 1902 from Heidelberg. From 1903...

Landauer, Walter, 1896- (person)

Teacher and member of a self-approved faculty/student Committee in Defense of Academic Freedom at Connecticut State College, formed in opposition to the trustees' actions. From the description of Walter Landauer collection of the Board of Trustees' "Gag Rule" responses, 1935. (University of Connecticut). WorldCat record id: 28497879 ...

Medvedev, Zhores A., 1925- (person)

Russian scientist and dissident. From the description of Postcard, 1970 June 29, Kaluga, U.S.S.R., to F. C. Steward [manuscript]. (University of Virginia). WorldCat record id: 647804981 ...

Cold Spring Harbor Symposium on Quantitative Biology. (corporateBody)

Neel, James V. (James Van Gundia), 1915-2000 (person)

Papers of James V. Neel, pioneering human population geneticist and professor in the Department of Human Genetics, University of Michigan Medical School. Curt Stern's first graduate student at the University of Rochester, and a post-doctoral student under Theodosius Dobzhansky, Neel began his career as a Drosophila geneticist, but after taking his first professional appointment as an assistant professor at Dartmouth, decided to alter his course into human genetics. Reasoning that he...

International Congress of Genetics 1958 : Montreal, Canada). (corporateBody)

Dobzhansky, Theodosius Grigorievich (person)

Waddington, C.H. (Conrad Hal), 1905-1975 (person)

Permanent International Committee on Genetics. (corporateBody)

International Congress of Genetics 1953 : Bellagio, Italy). (corporateBody)

Zhebrak, Anton R. (person)