Papers, 1795-1875.


Henkel family. Papers, 1795-1875.

Papers, 1795-1875.

These papers contain correspondence, legal manuscripts, business papers, diaries and notebooks, miscellaneous literary works, musical scores, church papers, and genalogical notes. Box 1: Correspondence, 1799-1870, Legal manuscripts, 1795-1857, Business papers, 1812-1848; Box 2: David Henkel diary 1812-1830, Paul Henkel diary 1822-1824 (in German), his Travel Journal, 1822 (in German) and his preacher's Note book, 1807, which contains instructions for pastoral duties; Literary works, 1825-1875, Poems, hymns and songs, and musical scores, 1857. Box 3: Synod of Tennessee, 1821-1871; Genealogical notes, 1795-1886, and miscellaneous manuscripts., 1795, 1813-1827.

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The Henkel family of New Market, Shenandoah County, Virginia, was a prominent family of Evangelical Lutheran ministers and printers. Paul Henkel (1754-1825) moved with his family to New Market in 1790, and the next year established St. Davidsburg Church. He also established churches in Augusta County, Virginia, and was one of the founders of the Lutheren Synod of North Carolina. His missionary journeys took him into Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, and Tennessee. He left a large number of d...

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