Edmond Pauker papers, 1923-1959.


Edmond Pauker papers, 1923-1959.

Collection consists of Pauker's personal and business papers.

42 linear feet (44 boxes)





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New York Public Library System, NYPL

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Hungarian-born literary agent and play broker in New York who represented European, especially Hungarian, playwrights, as well as some American writers. From the description of Edmond Pauker Manuscripts, ca. 1920-1940. (Columbia University In the City of New York). WorldCat record id: 320409282 Edmond Pauker, a Hungarian-born literary agent and play broker in New York, N.Y., represented European, especially Hungarian, playwrights, as well as some American authors. Pauker die...

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Bús-Fekete was a dramatist who wrote an English-language stage version of Franz Werfel's novel Der veruntreute Himmel (Embezzled Heaven) and wrote a dramatization of Werfel's novel Der Abituriententag. Pauker and Guggenheim acted as literary agents for Alma Mahler; Bermann Fischer was Franz Werfel's publisher; Fay was listed as a co-writer with Bús-Fekete on the dramatization of Werfel's novel Der veruntreute Himmel (Embezzled Heaven) and was a signer on a contract with Herzog Filmverein; the ...

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Korda, Alexander, Sir, 1893-1956

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