Papers: 1883-1901.


Sanborn, Kate, 1839-1917. Papers: 1883-1901.

Papers: 1883-1901.

The collection consists chiefly of correspondence. Included are 2 business letters written by Sanborn from her farm, Breezy Meadows, in Metcalf, Mass. to Mr. [Borlin?] (1892 Sept. 10) and Mr. Coombes (1892 Oct. 19), requesting the return of a manuscript and negotiating the payment for a book. Also included are letters from Sanborn to Charles Follen Adams (1893-1901) extending him invitations and a book, and thanking him for presents. Also includes 1 letter from George H. Calvert, of Newport, RI, to Sanborn (1883 Feb. 21), responding to Sanborn's request for his personal reminiscences of Margaret Fuller. He mentions his first meeting with her in 1837 when Fuller politely disagreed with William Ellery Channing over the merits of Sir Thomas Noon Talfourd's poem, Ion, a visit in 1838 that included Ralph Waldo Emerson, and a later visit at the Tribune offices with Horace Greeley. The collection also includes an advertising flier (4p, undated) for a series of lectures entitled, Miss Kate A. Sanborn's lectures on literature. The flier lists fifteen lecture subjects, including Spinster Authors of England, Bachelor Authors, Pets of Noted Persons, and Vanity and Insanity: the Shadows of Genius, and quotes from favorable reviews.

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