Papers, 1722-1832.


Papers, 1722-1832.

World-wide trade conducted by several generations of a prominent Philadelphia merchant family is dealt with in this voluminous collection of papers and correspondence. The papers fall in two periods: 1722-1776 and 1777-1832. Information is presented on the commerce with China, Russia, England, Holland, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, West Indies, United States territories; lands; world markets, flow of goods, transportation, and fluctuation of prices, influenced by political trends. The invoices, receipts, bills, legal instruments, insurance policies, charters of vessels, etc., give an account of the hazards of the enterprises, the economic factors involved, and the commodities exchanged such as cotton, tea, silks, rum, salt, sugar, wheat, beef, and cloth. A letter from Harper and Hartshorn, 1765, Antigua, gives an account of the feeling of resentment and rebellion aroused against the Stamp Act; letters, 1763, describe the outfitting of privateers; diary, 1778-1779, relates events of the Revolution, as seen by a Tory; charter for building canals, 1791; duties imposed by England on American grain, 1791; and captures of English vessels by French frigates are described in letters, 1792. Trade expansion to the South and West is shown in letters, 1805, to Kentucky and New Orleans merchants; sale of cotton is discussed in a letter, 1804, from Stathart and Bell to Andrew Jackson. Included are letter books of Thomas and John Clifford, 1759-1789; Thomas Clifford receipt book, 1750-1751; diary of a trip to Ohio from Philadelphia, 1804; Clifford Estate vs. Stephen Girard papers, 1822; pocket almanacs with marginal notes, Poor Will's, 1791, Gaines, 1791, Bioren, 1819, Agricultural, 1821, Astronomical Calculations, 1792; printed catalogue of 350 cases of china goods to be sold at auction, Philadelphia, 1828. Of literary interest: manuscript of a dialogue between Dr. Samuel Johnson and Mrs. Knowles, n.d.; "An Epistle from the Celebrated Abbe de Rance at the Abbey of La Trappe," n.d.; Quaker sermons, 1787; poetry, 1822.


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