Papers, 1785-1902 (bulk 1809-1876).


Wright family. Papers, 1785-1902 (bulk 1809-1876).

Papers, 1785-1902 (bulk 1809-1876).

The papers of Samuel G. Wright document his activities as a New Jersey gentleman farmer, a Philadelphia merchant, an ironmaster and a member of the New Jersey Legislature as well as his private investments in land and securities. As such it is a valuable source on the details of the early nineteenth century iron industry and its allied activities, including coastwise shipping, on the impact of economic fluctuations during the Jacksonian Era, on the linkages between eastern merchants and the developing West, and on everyday life in rural New Jersey and Delaware.

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William Harris Crawford (February 24, 1772 – September 15, 1834) was an American politician and judge during the early 19th century. He served as United States Secretary of War and United States Secretary of the Treasury before running for president in the 1824 election. Born in Virginia, Crawford moved to Georgia at a young age. After studying law, Crawford won election to the Georgia House of Representatives in 1803. He aligned with the Democratic-Republican Party and U.S. Senator James Jac...

Camden and Amboy Rail Road and Transportation Company. (corporateBody)

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Lehigh Coal and Navigation Company (corporateBody)

The surge of investment that filled the Anthracite region of northeastern Pennsylvania in the mid-1700s did not reach the Lehigh Valley until 1791 when coal was found near Summit Hill, west of Mauch Chunk, leading to the formation of the Lehigh Coal Mines Company. Coal was floated downriver on wooden rafts known as arks, which were dismantled and sold as lumber upon arrival. Flooding, shallow water and swift currents created financial problems for the company until Josiah White, familiar with ca...

Wood, David C. (David Cooper), 1781-1859 (person)

A. C. Cazenove & Company. (corporateBody)

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Merchant of Philadelphia. From the description of Notebook and scrapbook, 1832. (New York University, Group Batchload). WorldCat record id: 58758126 ...

Morris Canal and Banking Company (corporateBody)

Chartered 1824 under act of legislature; built and maintained the Morris Canal until 1922 when it was acquired by the state of New Jersey; canal discontinued in 1924; company continued to exist as a legal entity managing its properties with the Board of Conservation and Development, a New Jersey state agency, later succeeded by the Dept. of Environmental Protection. From the description of Maps, field notes, estimates, and appraisals, 1828-1834. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 7096346...

Ulster Iron Company. (corporateBody)

Henry, William, 1794-1878 (person)

Weymouth Furnace (Weymouth, N.J.) (corporateBody)

Hollenback, George M. (George Matson), 1791-1866 (person)

Delaware Furnace (Millsboro, Del.). (corporateBody)

Kemble, William, 1795?-1881 (person)

New Castle and Frenchtown Turnpike and Rail Road Company. (corporateBody)

Wright, Samuel G. (Samuel Gardiner), 1819- . (person)

Board of Proprietors of the Eastern Division of New Jersey (corporateBody)

Nott, Eliphalet, 1773-1866 (person)

American divine and President of Union College. From the description of Autograph letter signed, 1822 Feb. 23. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270609731 From the description of Autograph letter signed : to Prof. Hassler, 1842 May 22. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270610902 From the description of Autograph letter signed : Union College, 1827 Mar. 14. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270611418 President of Union College in Schenectady, New York. Fr...

Josiah L. James & Company. (corporateBody)

Du Pont, Alfred Victor, 1798-1856 (person)

Alfred Victor du Pont was the eldest son of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont. He joined the gunpowder firm of E.I. du Pont & Company in 1818 and was senior partner from 1834 to 1850. From the description of Letters to William Kemble, 1849 [photocopies]. (Hagley Museum & Library). WorldCat record id: 122516650 Alfred Victor du Pont (1798-1856), son of Eleuthère Irénée du Pont was born in Paris and came to the United States in 1800. He was educated at Mt. Ai...

Joseph Jackson & Sons. (corporateBody)

Wright, Sarah, 1787-1885. (person)

Wright, Hendrick B. (Hendrick Bradley), 1808-1881 (person)

Lawyer and U.S. representative from Pennsylvania. From the description of Hendrick B. Wright correspondence, 1879 July 21. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 70981428 ...

Jenks, Alfred, approximately 1794- (person)

Cumberland Furnace (Cumberland, N.J.) (corporateBody)

Phoenix Forge (Manchester, N.J.) (corporateBody)

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Foundry organized ca. 1817 for the purpose of supplying ordnance to the U.S. Army; incorporated April 15, 1818 and continued to operate until 1884; built blast-furnace and foundry near Cold Spring Landing, Putnam Co., N.Y., across Hudson River from West Point; also constructed a machine shop and finishing shop on Beach St. in New York City, specializing in marine steam engines; built first commercially successful locomotive in U.S., 1830; machine shop moved to Cold Spring, ca. 1839. ...

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The Delaware and Raritan Canal Company operated a lock canal between New Brunswick and Bordentown, N.J., with a navigable feeder from Lambertville, between 1834 and 1932. The canal formed part of an inland water route between New York and Philadelphia. From the description of Regulations and rates of toll, 1856 March 18. (Hagley Museum & Library). WorldCat record id: 79891952 ...

Waples, William D. (William Dagworthy), d. 1841. (person)

Frelinghuysen, Frederick T. (Frederick Theodore), 1817-1885 (person)

Lawyer, U.S. secretary of state, and U.S. senator from New Jersey. From the description of Frederick T. Frelinghuysen papers, 1882-1883. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79194297 New Jersey statesman and U. S. Senator. From the description of Letter : Newark, New Jersey, to Marston Niles, 1874 Aug 13. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122290163 From the description of Letter : Newark, New Jersey, to Marston Niles, 1874 Aug 13. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 7...

Douglas, Edwin A., 1805-1859 (person)

Gouverneur, Samuel L. (Samuel Lawrence), 1799-1867 (person)

Samuel Lawrence Gouverneur (1799-1867), American politician and capitalist, was postmaster of New York City from 1828 to 1836. His wife, Maria Hester Monroe, was the daughter of U.S. President James Monroe. After 1850, Gouverneur moved to Maryland. From the guide to the Samuel L. Gouverneur correspondence, 1822-1851, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) Samuel Lawrence Gouverneur (1799-1867), American politician and capitalist, was p...

Fulton, Robert, 1765-1815 (person)

Civil engineer, artist, and inventor. From the description of Letter : New York, to Edward P. Livingston, Clermont, [N.Y.], 1814 February 11. (New York State Library). WorldCat record id: 50631960 Inventor, engineer, and artist. From the description of Papers, 1812-1815. (New York State Library). WorldCat record id: 50799372 Inventor. From the description of Robert Fulton papers, 1809-1838. (Columbia University In the City of New York). World...

Wilson, James Theodore Dudley, 1820-1902 (person)

Dover Furnace (Lakehurst, N.J.) (corporateBody)

Batsto Furnace (Batsto, N.J.) (corporateBody)

McCall, Archibald, 1767-1843 (person)

Cadwalader & Oliver Evans (Firm). (corporateBody)

Nassawango Furnace (Worcester County, Md.) (corporateBody)

Friends' Asylum for the Insane (Philadelphia, Pa.). (corporateBody)

Frelinghuysen, Theodore, 1787-1862 (person)

Howell Iron Works (Howell, N.J.) (corporateBody)

Commercial Bank of Pennsylvania. (corporateBody)

Mount Hope Mining Company (N.J.). (corporateBody)

Wurts, John, 1792-1861 (person)

Wright family. (family)

Samuel Gardiner Wright, a Philadelphia merchant and ironmaster, was born on November 18, 1781, the great-great-grandson of Joshua Wright, one of three brothers who emigrated to the Burlington, New Jersey, area in 1677-79. Samuel's father Caleb was a storekeeper in Juliustown. A brother Joseph migrated to Plymouth Township in the Wyoming Valley. In 1810, Wright built a farmhouse near Wrightsville, New Jersey. Its name, Merino Hill, commemorated his role in the importation...

Wright, Caleb, 1754-1841. (person)

Haviland, John, 1792-1852 (person)

Architect who emigrated from England to the United States. From the description of Papers, 1806-1868. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 213487056 ...

New Jersey Atlantick Railroad Company. (corporateBody)

Insurance Company of North America (corporateBody)

Monmouth Purchase Company. (corporateBody)

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New Brunswick Steam Boat and Canal Transportation Company. (corporateBody)

Higbee, Charles d. ca. 1843. (person)

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Wright, Samuel G. (Samuel Gardiner), 1781-1845. (person)

Walter, Thomas Ustick, 1804-1887 (person)

Thomas U. Walter was an architect. Born in Philadelphia in 1804, Walter began his career as an apprentice to his father in bricklaying and stone masonry. While working with his father, Walter trained in the office of William Strickland and attended the School of Mechanic Arts at the Franklin Institute, then under the direction of John Haviland. Walter rose to prominence with architectural designs that included Moyamensing Prison, Girard College, Andalusia, and Portico Row. In December 1850, Walt...

Wright, Harrison G. (Harrison Gardiner), 1810-1885. (person)

Newark Aqueduct Company (N.J.) (corporateBody)

Wall, Garret D. (Garret Dorset), 1783-1850 (person)

Garret Dorset Wall was born in Middletown Township, New Jersey, on March 10, 1783. At the age of 15, Garret Wall moved to Trenton, and became a student-at-law in the office of General Jonathan Rhea, who was the clerk of the New Jersey Supreme Court. Wall studied common law, focusing on the areas of real estate, inheritance, and titles. When he turned 21, Wall was licensed as an attorney and began practice in Trenton. Wall served during the War of 1812, commanding the Phoenix Infantry Corps, a vo...

Wright, Gardiner H. (Gardiner Harrison), 1806- . (person)

Rodgers, John, 1812-1882 (person)

American naval officer. From the description of Autograph note signed : Alexandria, to General McDowell, 1862 Apr. 3. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270656128 From the description of Letter signed : Mare Island, California, to Mr. Fletcher, Inspector of Machinery afloat, 1873 Dec. 17. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 270656131 John Rodgers, Jr., United States naval officer. Rodgers was born near Havre De Grace, Maryland, on August 8, 1812. The son of Comm...

New Jersey Legislative Council (corporateBody)

Etna Furnace and Forge (Estell Manor, N.J.) (corporateBody)

Hibernia Mine (Hibernia, N.J.). (corporateBody)