Lecture notes on chemistry, 1852-1856.


Fesquet, A. A.,. Lecture notes on chemistry, 1852-1856.

Lecture notes on chemistry, 1852-1856.

Volumes 1 and 2 have notes for Cours de Chimie de la Sorbonne, 1852-1853, include notes for Professors Balard and Deville. The reverse of volume 2 includes notes from Cours de Physique de la Sorbonne, Prof. Despretz, annʹee Scholaire 1852-1853.

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Sainte-Claire Deville, Henri, 1818-1881

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Despretz, Cʹesar Mansuète, 1789-1863.

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Cahours, Auguste Andrʹe Thomas, 1813-1891.

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Epithet: French chemist British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000677.0x000269 ...

Payen, M. (Anselme), 1795-1871

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Fesquet, A. A.

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A. Fesquet's name appears on the cover of the ʹEcole Centrale notebooks as "ʹelève," and in the Sorbonne volumes as well. Fesquet translated several French metallurgical books which were published in Philadelphia, by H. C. Baird. These include Ed. Urbin's A Practical Guide for Puddling Iron and Steel (1868), and Fesquet edited the first American edition of Lucien Louis de Koninck's A Practical Manual of Chemical Analysis and Assaying (Baird, 1873). From the description of Lecture no...