T.E. Lawrence Collection, 1912-1966.


Lawrence, T. E. (Thomas Edward), 1888-1935. T.E. Lawrence Collection, 1912-1966.

T.E. Lawrence Collection, 1912-1966.

The T.E. Lawrence Collection contains 14 boxes of primarily manuscripts, drafts, and correspondence, much of it about Lawrence, covering the years 1912-1966. Within the series the material is arranged alphabetically. The Works series consists principally of holograph and typescript drafts. Included are a typed manuscript and a holograph with revisions of The Arab Revolt. Also in the collection is a holograph of the Introduction to Charles Doughty's Arabia Deserta, a typed manuscript of The Mint, galley proofs with Lawrence's notes for his translation of Homer's The Odyssey, and notes and page proofs for Seven Pillars of Wisdom, along with a proof copy with revisions and cuts. The Letters series contains chiefly letters Lawrence sent to publishers, printers, and artists concerning his manuscripts. Lawrence wrote to friends about the books or poems he read, and occasionally to the authors themselves. He wrote to friends about his life as an aircraftsman and to fellow aircraftsmen in the Royal Air Force discussing projects. Earlier letters were written about his experiences in Arabia. Significant correspondents include: W.E.G. Beauforte-Greenwood, Sir Sydney Cockerell, George Dunn, Florence Emily Hardy, Eric Kennington, B.H. Liddell Hart, Kenneth Marshall, Stewart Newcombe, Raymond Savage, and Mrs. Clare Sydney Smith. The very slight Recipient series comprises a single folder of letters from such well-known personalities as: Sir Winston Churchill, James Hanley, Eric Kennington, B.H. Liddell Hart, and George Bernard Shaw. The Miscellaneous series is the most extensive of the collection. It contains bibliographical notes, proof pages, letters relating to Lawrence's works or to works by others writing about Lawrence, scripts of radio broadcasts on the BBC after Lawrence's death, and other items. Included here is a bound mimeographed copy of Richard Aldington's Lawrence of Arabia and extracts of a typed manuscript of Aldington's T.E. Lawrence: the Legend and the Man. General correspondence relating to Lawrence, the bulk of it after his death and much of it concerning his death, is included along with miscellany such as maps, receipts, notes to subscribers, sketches, and production materials. In addition, there is a section containing the correspondence of John G. Wilson, of J. & E. Bumpus Bookstore, concerning the sale and publication of Lawrence's works covering the years 1924-1949. Material under the heading for B.H. Liddell Hart, author of T.E. Lawrence in Arabia and After (1934), contains the extensive correspondence during the years 1951-60 concerning the controversy surrounding the publication of Richard Aldington's book, Lawrence of Arabia: A Biographical Inquiry. Also present is a section of correspondence for the years 1960-1963 regarding the Lawrence of Arabia film. Interfiled with some 524 letters by Liddell Hart is his incoming correspondence on these two topics, which is considerable as well. Additional material includes typed copies of T.E. Lawrence in Arabia and After with comments and notes by Lawrence, and other copies with revisions and inserts.

14 boxes (5.83 linear feet), 4 galley folders.

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