Lea & Febiger records, 1785-1982 bulk 1796-1882.


Lea & Febiger. Lea & Febiger records, 1785-1982 bulk 1796-1882.

Lea & Febiger records, 1785-1982 bulk 1796-1882.

The Lea & Febiger records document the history of the publishing firm, which did business across the United States and in the Caribbean and Canada. The collection spans almost two hundred years, from 1785 to the early 1980s, and consists primarily of correspondence and business volumes such as letterbooks, daybooks, journals, ledgers, cost books, and warehouse books. There are also several "records books" that contain copies of the firm's letters, contracts, and agreements. Most of the records contain information on general business matters, such as payment of invoices, shipping details and disputes, and subscription requests. There is little personal correspondence, except for letters between members of the Carey and Lea families, which appear consistently between the years 1785 and 1822 but vary in breadth and depth. And many correspondents often infused their business letters with candid observations or personal thoughts. Letters from the firms' agents include reports on market conditions, and some correspondence concerns paper making, binding, and book-related problems. Occasionally, letters include details on economic or social topics, such as establishing schools in new territories of the country.

217 boxes, 205 vols.,( 140 linear feet)

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Blanchard, William, 1769-1835

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Baird, Thomas James, 1795-1842

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Carey, Mathew, 1760-1839

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Mathew C. Carey (1760-1839) was a publisher, economist, and humanitarian. He was born in Dublin, Ireland, and came to America in 1784, after involvement in Irish revolutionary activity. He took up his trade as a printer, publishing the Pennsylvania Herald and the periodical, The American Museum. His book publishing ventures prospered and his firm was a leader in American printing and publishing in the period 1795-1835. He was an active proponent of the protective tariff, as well as an ardent cha...

Lea & Febiger.

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In 1785, Mathew Carey (1760-1839) founded Mathew Carey & Company, one of Philadelphia's earliest publishing houses. The firm began printing a variety of works, but by the late 1830s, it specialized in scientific and medical publications. During the 1800s, the firm changed its name a number of times. It became M. Carey & Son in 1817, when Mathew's son, Henry C. Carey, joined the firm. In 1821, Carey's son-in-law, Isaac Lea, joined the firm and it became M. Carey & Sons. The senior Car...

Carey, Henry Charles, 1793-1879

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Henry Carey, American economist, was born in Philadelphia and initially devoted himself to the publishing business, which he inherited from his father. He was also interested in economics and in 1836 he published an article entitled, Essay on the rate of wages - subsequently expanded into a 3 vol. work: The principles of political economy, 1837-1840. Carey published numerous other books and essays and his writings were read worldwide, especially in Europe. Other works include, The slave trade......

Lea, Isaac, 1792-1886

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Charles Lucian Bonaparte was a naturalist and ornithologist. From the guide to the Correspondence, 1824-1855, from American scientists, 1824-1855, (American Philosophical Society) Isaac Lea, a scientist and member of the American Philosophical Society, was the father of Henry Charles Lea. From the description of Correspondence with Henry Charles Lea, 1881. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 122621761 Isaac Lea was a geologist and p...

M. Carey & Son.

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Carey, Lea & Carey

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M. Carey & Sons

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Carey, Edward L., 1806-1845

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Edward L. Carey was a partner in several publishing firms, notably Carey & Hart, based in Philadelphia. Among Carey & Hart's publications were maps and gift books. From the description of Edward L. Carey letters to Charles West Thomson, 1839-1841. (Pennsylvania State University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 53150141 ...

Mathew Carey and Co.

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Carey, Lea & Blanchard

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Philadelphia publishing company. From the description of Correspondence, 1823-1849. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 122381810 ...

Lea & Blanchard

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Lea, Arthur Henry, 1859-1938.

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Arthur Henry Lea was the fourth child and youngest son of Henry Charles Lea. Arthur served as H. C. Lea's literary executor. From the description of Correspondence with Henry Charles Lea, 1884-1907. (University of Pennsylvania Library). WorldCat record id: 63556174 ...

Gardiner, Edward Carey, approximately 1879-1945

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Edward Carey Gardiner was born in Philadelphia, November 14, 1878, to William Howard Gardiner (1851-1906), a military historian, and Helena Lawrence Baird (1852- 1906), the only child of Henry Carey Baird (1825-1912), a noted Philadelphia publisher. Even though Edward had been educated overseas with tutors and in schools in Italy, Switzerland, and France, he lived most of his life in Philadelphia, as a bachelor and, like many of his ancestors, as a publisher. He joined his grandfather's publishi...

Gardiner, William Howard, 1875-1952

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Gardiner was a consultant on world politics and naval affairs. He was active in the Navy League of the United States and served for a time as vice-president and president and as an unofficial consultant of both the U.S. Navy and State Departments. The Navy League was founded in 1902 as a civilian organization dedicated to the education of citizens and to the support of those in the sea-services and their families. From the guide to the Papers, ca. 1900-1950., (Houghton Library, Harva...

Carey, Hart & Co.

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Baird, Henry Carey, 1825-1912

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American publisher and writer on economics. From the guide to the Henry Carey Baird letters, 1853-1895, (The New York Public Library. Manuscripts and Archives Division.) American publisher, author, and economist. From the description of Letter, an autobiography, and an envelope, 1901. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 367573273 ...