Minute book, 1907-1916.


Ferment Company of New York. Minute book, 1907-1916.

Minute book, 1907-1916.

The record is a single volume of minutes from the Ferment Company of New York from August 13, 1907 to January 1, 1916. It is apparently neither the first nor the last volume, and the fate of the company after 1916 is unknown.

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The Ferment Company of New York was formed in New York City sometime prior to 1906 for the purpose of manufacturing and distributing a patent medicine based on the theories of the biologist Elie Metchnikoff of the Pasteur Institute. Between 1903 and 1906, Metchnikoff had developed and promulgated his thoughts on the prolongation of life through proper hygiene and diet, with paticular attention to the bacteria present in the lower digestive tract. He believed that the introduction of...