Joaquin Torres-Garcia papers, 1921-1974.


Torres-García, Joaquín, 1874-1949. Joaquin Torres-Garcia papers, 1921-1974.

Joaquin Torres-Garcia papers, 1921-1974.

Twenty-eight letters from Katherine Dreier, Marcel Duchamp, Julio Gonzalez, Joan Miro, Piet Mondrian, Jean Xceron, Theo Van Doesburg, Michel Seuphor, and M. Eva Luukievicz, 1921-1943; an essay "Le Planisme de Torres-Garcia" by Van Doesburg, 1929; photographs of Torres-Garcia's work; clippings, 1929-1971; 7 exhibition announcements and catalogs, 1921-1974; 5 books written and illustrated by Torres-Garcia, 1930-1938, including CE QUE JE SAIS, ET CE QUE JE FAIS PAR MOI-MEME, 1930, RAISON ET NATURE, 1932, LA TRADICION DEL HOMBRE ABSTRACTO, 1938, and METAFISICA DE LA PREHISTORIA INDOAMERICANA; and a booklet TORRES-GARCIA, 1934, by Roberto J. Payro and Guillermo de Torre.

0.2 linear ft. (microfilmed on 2 partial reels)

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