Ephraim W. Morse Papers, 1849-1906.


Morse, Ephraim W., 1823-1906. Ephraim W. Morse Papers, 1849-1906.

Ephraim W. Morse Papers, 1849-1906.

Account books, business and legal papers, correspondence, Spanish and Mexican documents relating to mines in lower California, San Diego and Gila Southern Pacific Atlantic Railroad Co., express and shipping receipts.

38 manuscript boxes ; 16 1/2 x 13 x 3 in.1 manuscript box ; 41 x 29 x 4 in.

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Morse, Ephraim W., 1823-1906.

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Ephraim W. Morse, a businessman and county official, was born in Amersbury, Massachusetts on October 16, 1823. He arrived in San Francisco on July 5, 1849 and mined for a short time before moving to San Diego, where he engaged in general merchandising. In 1869 Morse moved from Old San Diego to New Town. Lydia A. Gray was his first wife, teacher Mary C. Walker his second. Morse died on January 17, 1906. From the description of Ephraim W. Morse Papers, 1849-1906. (Unknown). WorldCat re...

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San Diego Gila Southern Pacific and Atlantic Railroad.

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Confederate army officer, state legislator, and lawyer, of Dardanelle, Ark. From the description of Joseph T. Harrison papers, 1859-1905. (Arkansas History Commission). WorldCat record id: 608243658 ...

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Epithet: Consul at Barcelona British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000354.0x0000a0 ...

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