Papers of Timothy Pitkin, 1681-1847 (bulk 1800-1830).


Pitkin, Timothy, 1766-1847. Papers of Timothy Pitkin, 1681-1847 (bulk 1800-1830).

Papers of Timothy Pitkin, 1681-1847 (bulk 1800-1830).

Political and personal correspondence of Timothy Pitkin consists of letters addressed to him and drafts of his letters. The correspondence discusses various political, diplomatic, and economic topics, including Jefferson-Burr election, impeachment of Samuel Chase, the foreign policy, War of 1812, the Hartford convention, presidential elections, Louisiana affairs, commerce, banking, internal revenue, patent legislation, etc. Also included are letters related to his historical studies. Correspondents include John Quincy Adams, Simon Baldwin, Theodore Dwight, Chauncey Goodrich, Bela Hubbard, William Stedman, John Treadwell, Eli Whitney, and others. Also included are a few earlier items, apparently from the files of William Pitkin, colonial governor of Connecticut, grandfather of Timothy Pitkin.

336 pieces.6 boxes.

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