Minutes, 1965-1979.


Minutes, 1965-1979.

These records document the proceedings of the Industrial Development Authority, whose function was to promote industrialization in Ala. Its first meeting occurred 1965 Oct. 18. The minutes document the meetings of the Authority, particularly the issuance of bonds used for industrial development grants. The first cities to receive grants were Eufaula, Clio, Phenix City, Opelika, Hanceville, Clanton, Scottsboro, and Enterprise. Many other municipalities subsequently received grants. The original members of the Board were Phillip J. Hamm, Commissioner of Revenue; Seymore Trammell, Director of Finance; and chairman Leonard Beard, Director of the Planning and Industrial Development Board. Later Board members included Harvey L. Rabren, Robert B. Ingram, J. E. Mitchell, R. C. Bamberg, Taylor Hardin, Charles A. Boswell, Tom J. Ventress, and James R. Solomon, Jr.

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Ingram, Robert G.

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Alabama Development Office

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Ventress, Tom J.

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Mitchell, J. E

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Hardin, Taylor.

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Bamberg, R. C.

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Trammell, Seymore, 1920- .

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Alabama. Dept. of Revenue.

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Solomon, James (James D.)

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Hamm, Phillip J., 1909- .

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Beard, Leonard

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Alabama. State Industrial Development Authority.

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Boswell, Charles Stuart

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Rabren, Harvey L., 1911- .

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