Photographs from Reuben Brooks Hale papers [graphic]. [ca. 1910-1915]


Moulin, Gabriel. Photographs from Reuben Brooks Hale papers [graphic].

Photographs from Reuben Brooks Hale papers [graphic]. [ca. 1910-1915]

Photos related to Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE): painting "Exposition site, Merced-Sutro Tract"; drawing of a monument; drawing of the planned "Marina Gardens" location for the monument; drawing of expo site; photo of man handing roll of paper to another man; postcard of PPIE meeting at the Merchants Exchange, April 23, 1910; postcard of banquet, postmarked 1910, addressed to R.B. Hale; publicity portraits (multiple copies), of R.B. Hale, Theodore Hardee, John Hays Hammond, and Brigadier General Clarence R. Edwards, with note regarding tour, aboard Mauretania, of 13 European capitols promoting participation at PPIE; photos of outdoor assembly depicting speakers Sylvester McAtee, R.B. Hale, Don Jose E. Lefevre, J.J. Dwyer Brand, singer Aldanita Wolfskill, and Annette Rolph raising the flag. Photos unrelated to PPIE: postcard of men in plaza, feeding birds; postcard dated 1912 in Hungary; group of men ("Steps of agricultural museum ... 1912, Budapest"); San Juan (Puerto Rico?): "Disembarking at San Juan, 1900"; "Inspection of plague district, San Juan, 1912, with health officers"; "Review of troops by Congressional Committee and officers, San Juan, 1913." Album titled "Tanforan, a world's exposition site" contains photos depicting landscapes, South San Francisco train station, roads, a planted field.

ca. 42 photographic prints (3 postcards), 1 album : b? ; mount 21 x 27 or smaller.

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