Diaries, 1779-1831 [microfilm and photoprints].


Diaries, 1779-1831 [microfilm and photoprints].

There are three diaries: 1779-1796, 1819-1825, and 1826-1831. They contain many references to local industry, particularly flour milling, as well as political and business issues of the day.

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Canby, Samuel, 1751-1832.

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Samuel Canby (1751-1832) was a flour miller and part owner of the Brandywine Mills just north of Wilmington, Del. Samuel Canby was the second son of Oliver Canby. His father died when he was three years old. He was apprenticed to a carpenter and cabinet-maker until 1771, when he moved to Brandywine Village and took up the milling business. He was in the Society of Friends, and his home was a local center for Quakers travelling on religious service. From the d...

Canby, William, 1748-1830.

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Shipley, Joseph, 1752-1832

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Ashburnham, Joseph.

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Poole, William, fl. 1770.

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Canby family.

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Tatnall, Joseph, 1740-1813

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Maris, Samuel.

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Stroud, Thomas.

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Shipley, Thomas, b. 1718.

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