Papers. 1877-1902.


Papers. 1877-1902.

Four A.L.S., 3 A. postcards S., one to Meyer, 1 A. note S. ; in German.

8 items.


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Hoff, J.H. van 't (Jacobus Henricus), 1852-1911 (person)

J.H. van't Hoff was a chemist who was awarded the first Nobel Prize in chemistry, 1901. He was born in Rotterdam in 1852 and spent his career in Europe. He is credited with founding the science of stereochemistry. He received his doctorate, 1874, from the University of Utrecht, taught at the University of Amsterdam, 1877-1895, and at the University of Berlin, 1896 until his death in 1911. From the description of J.H. vanʹt Hoff papers, 1837-1924. (Johns Hopki...

Meyer, Victor, 1848-1897 (person)

Dibner, Bern. (person)