Letters. 1862-1867.


Joule, James Prescott, 1818-1889. Letters.

Letters. 1862-1867.

A.L.S. (1862 Dec. 25, Manchester) supposedly to Séguin concerning researches in the dynamical theory of heat and the neglect by their contemporaries of important scientists, and A.L.S. (1867 Mar. 4, Manchester) declining the post of juror of the Imperial Commission at the Paris Exhibition.

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Joule, James Prescott, 1818-1889

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Physicist. Fellow of the Royal Society. From the description of Papers, 1844-1848. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79182115 From the description of Papers, 1841-1887. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 78457492 Studied under John Dalton (F. R. S. 1821) and in 1842 was elected to the Manchester Literary and Philosophical Society. President, 1860. Joule determined by two methods the physical constant known as Joule's equivalent or 'J' (1840) and he was the experimental fou...

Dibner, Bern.

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Séguin, Marc, 1786-1875.

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