Raul Salinas Papers


Raul Salinas Papers

Raul Salinas Papers


The materials in the collection span from the late 1950s through 1994, and they consist of printed, visual and oral texts. Raul Salinas' writing and political activism reflect a multiplicity of interests and a hybrid of influences. His poetry is formally influenced by the Beat Movement in American literature but derives much of its force from Chicano culture and politics. His literary and political work also evidences his debt to, and influence upon, the American Indian movement and Latin American politics; in this way, Salinas' work typically crosses national traditions and generic forms. The content of the collection is extensive and varied. Series I houses the original manuscripts of Salinas' published and unpublished poetry, essays, and journalism. For example, the original manuscripts of poems which ultimately compose Un Trip Through the Mind Jail y Otras Excursions (Pocho Che, 1980) are herein preserved. Also included are unpublished works such as El Embruje de mi Tio Juan and Tu Mujer; a collection of poetry; and several other manuscripts at varying levels of completion. Recent works represented in the collection are East of the Freeway: Reflections de mi Pueblo and Indio Trails: A Chicano Odyssey through Indian Country. Series II gathers correspondence from the mid-1960s through 1994. These materials trace Salinas' literary and political development through debate and dialogue with such figures as Americo Paredes, Tomas Rivera, Luis Valdez, Jose Montoya, Ricardo Sanchez, Reimundo "Tigre" Perez, Alurista, Juan Felipe Herrera, Fernando Algeria, Francisco Alarcon, Javier Pacheco, Gary Soto, Tomas Ybarra-Frausto, Nina Serrano, Roberto Vargas, Jose Angel Gutierrez, Jose Limon, Joseph Sommers, Stan Steiner, Carlota Cardenas Dwyer, Marcela Trujillo, Lauro Flores, Tom Parson, Juan Rodriguez, Juan Bruce-Novoa, Antonia Castaneda, Leonard Peltier, John Trudell, William Kunstler, and others, including many prisoners whom Salinas met during incarceration. Salinas' prison experiences, which date from 1957 through 1972, contributed significantly to his development as artist, activist, and scholar. Among other documents, Series III includes landmark litigation initiated by various prisoner-rights groups, of which Salinas was an active member. Salinas' activities with the American Indian Movement (A.I.M.) and the International Indian Treaty Council, for which he served as a delegate, spokesperson, and translator, are documented in Series X. This portion of the Collection includes official reports and position papers, many of which he co-authored, as well as internal correspondence related to such cases as Wounded Knee and the Pine Ridge incident, which ultimately involved Leonard Peltier. The Collection contains Salinas' assortment of rare literary and political texts, journals, magazines, and newspapers in Series VIII. Among these are Fuego de Aztlan (1976); Corazon de Aztlan (1971), La Voz de Aztlan (Vol. 1, Nos. 1-2), Aztlan de Leavenworth (1970-71); New Era (1970-71); La Raza (Vol. 1, Nos. 1-12), El Travieso (1969); Miquiztli (de Estanfort) (1972-1977); Canto al Pueblo (1978); El Pocho Che (all editions); Rasca Tripas (1970); Regeneracion (1970); Magazin (Vol. 1, Nos. 1-9); Sin Fronteras (all editions); Tejidos (all editions); and Con Safos (all editions) Additionally, Salinas has preserved original copies of all the journals, magazines, and anthologies where his work first appeared. The Collection houses various personal documents, photographs, videos, recordings, and an assortment of miscellaneous items such as fliers, posters, buttons, and decals (for instance, those of Floricanto, Canto al Pueblo, and other festivals). Series V contains the only still photos of performers at the First Annual Floricanto Festival held at the University of Southern California Campus in 1973, as well as numerous photos from the Huntsville, Leavenworth, and Marion prisons.

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Folklorist, teacher, author, activist. Born Brownsville, Texas (1915), died Austin, Texas (1999). Educated University of Texas at Austin (PhD., 1956). Scholar of Mexican-American folklore and music; Professor of English and Anthropology, University of Texas; initiated folklore center, organized Mexican American Studies program at University; author of fiction and poetry. From the description of Américo Paredes papers, 1886-1999 (bulk 1931-1999). (University of Texas Libraries). Worl...

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Mexican-American artists; Calif.; founded Royal Chicano Air Force, a group working primarily as muralists. From the description of José and Malaquias Montoya interviews, 1988 Feb. 28 - June 2. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 220176898 José Montoya (1932- ) is a Mexican-American poet and artist in Sacramento, Calif. Malaquias Montoya (1938- ) is a Mexican-American artist in Oakland, Calif. He and his brother José founded Royal Chicano Air Force, a g...

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Raúlrsalinas, 1934-

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Salinas was born in San Antonio, Texas, on March 17, 1934, and moved to Los Angeles in 1956. Over the span of the next 15 years Salinas spent 11 years in jail. His prison years were prolific writing years, and he was released early (1972) to become a student at the University of Washington. Salinas' involvement with various political movements has earned him an international reputation as an eloquent spokesperson for justice, and his poetry and other writings reflect this concern, as well as the...

Herrera, Juan Felipe, 1948-

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Chicano poet. Committed to social change and justice, Herrera's work resists traditional categorization. His most recent writings can best be described as postmodern expressionism that incorporates elements from drama, music, and the visual arts. From the description of Juan Felipe Herrera papers, 1974-2011. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 659288312 Biography Juan Felipe Herrera is the son of Mexican migrant workers and is...

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Chilean novelist, poet, and critic. Until the 1973 coup he served as cultural attache with the Chilean embassy in Washington. He then taught at Stanford until his retirement in 1987, with continuing status as Professor Emeritus. From the description of Fernando Alegría papers, 1924-2000 (1940-1998). (Stanford University Libraries). WorldCat record id: 462019072 ...

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BIOGRAPHY Raul / Roy / "Tapon" Salinas was born in San Antonio, Texas on March 17, 1934. He was raised in Austin, Texas from 1936 to 1956, when he moved to Los Angeles. In 1957 he was sentenced to prison in Soledad State Prison in California. Over the span of the next 15 years, Salinas spent eleven years behind the walls of state and federal penitentiaries. It was during his incarceration in some of the nation's most brutal prison systems tha...