Photographs from the Hollister Collection [graphic], ca. 1855-ca. 1959


Photographs from the Hollister Collection [graphic], ca. 1855-ca. 1959

1969.042: Photographs relate to activities of the Hollister family. Views include various Hollister residences and family members, general views of Santa Barbara (including the mission), the Montecito School for Girls, and other area buildings. Many views show Glen Annie, the residence of Col. W.W. Hollister in Santa Barbara. Historic sites include the home of De Le Guerra, Fremont's headquarters, Buleto, the Santa Anita Rancho, etc. Views of Hollister ranch depict modern cattle ranching: branding, cowboys, and cattle. Damage resulting from earthquakes of 1913 and 1925 is also pictured at unidentified locations. 1972.011: Family portraits, primarily taken in San Francisco and other California locations.

Number of prints: 249 (including 1 daguerreotype and 5 tintypes)



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