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Chicano Visual Arts Kit



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University of Colorado, Boulder (corporateBody)

Luna, James, 1950-2018 (person)

James Luna was a Payómkawichum, Ipi, and Mexican-American performance artist, photographer and multimedia installation artist. Born on February 9, 1950, Luna lived on the La Jolla Indian Reservation in Pauma Valley, California, from 1975 until his death on March 4, 2018. Luna taught studio art at the University of California, Davis; University of California San Diego; and University of California Irvine....

Rodriguez, Joe Bastida (person)

Galvez, Daniel (person)

LaMarr, Jean (person)

Ríos, Mike (person)

Cárdenas, Mari (person)

Guerrero, Zarco (person)

Hahn, Sandra (person)

Lerma, Irma C. (person)

Limón, Leo (person)

Lou, Richard (person)

Aguilar, Mario and David Avalos (person)

Hernández, Ester, 1944- (person)

Biography / Administrative History Hernandez is an artist of the first generation of Chicano and Chicana artists who participated in the Chicano art movement that began in the late 1960s as part of the Chicano civil rights movement. Her collection represents more than twenty-five years of involvement in many of the most important historical activities of this period, including the farmworkers' movement, the feminist movement, international en...

Mercado, Patricia (person)

Felix, José (person)

Orosco, Juanishi V. and Esteban Villa (person)

Lane, Leonie (person)

Galería de la Raza/Studio 24 (corporateBody)

Gandert, Miguel A. (person)

Miguel Gandert, New Mexican photographer and University of New Mexico faculty member. From the guide to the Miguel A. Gandert Photograph Collection, 1977-1998, (University of New Mexico Center for Southwest Research) ...

Rodriguez, B. (person)

García, Rupert (person)

Gamboa, Harry (person)

Harry Gamboa, Jr. (1951- ) is a painter, writer, photographer, and video artist from Los Angeles, Calif. From the description of Oral history interview with Harry Gamboa, Jr., 1999 Apr. 1-16 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 82194672 Chicano artist, born in East Los Angeles in 1951. Primarily uses photography but also video, live performance and writing. From the description of Photographs, 1972-1992. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 122369479 ...

Burciaga, José Antonio (person)

Rios, Mike (person)

Donis, Alex (person)

Espinosa, Roberto, 1842-1920 (person)

Ovejero, Graciela (person)

Border Arts Workshops/Tallér de Arte Fronterízo (corporateBody)

Villa, Esteban, Ricardo Favela, and Louie Gonzalez (person)

Thomas, Myron (person)

Lopez, Leroy (person)

Gorena, Xavier (person)

Zalce, Alexandra (person)

Guerrero-Cruz, Dolores (person)

Villa, Esteban, 1930- (person)

Born August 3, 1930 in Tulare California, Esteban Villa is a nationally renowned Chicano artist and muralist. He is considered one of Sacramento's most respected artists. Villa is also known as one of the founding members of the Royal Chicano Air Force, an artists' cultural collective created amidst the Chicano movement's battle for social and political rights and recognition. Villa describes himself as a muralist, printmaker, art educator and community activist. His wor...

Allen, Richard Morris (person)

Garcia, Max (person)

Sanchez, Robert and Richard A. Lou (person)

Brito-Avellana, Maria (person)

Soto, Joseph (person)

Danza Quetzalcoatl (corporateBody)

Galería de la Raza (corporateBody)

Marjon, Soledad (person)

Cid, Armando (person)

Garcia, Kathryn (person)

Hamada, Miles (person)

Montoya, Malaquias, 1938- (person)

Malaquias Montoya was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and raised in the San Joaquin Valley, California, where the entire family worked as farm laborers. Since 1968, Montoya has lectured and taught at numerous universities and colleges in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is currently a professor at the University of California, Davis, where his classes include silkscreen technique, poster making, and mural painting. His artistic focus is on Chicano culture and history. He is known particularly for...

Gonzalves, Ricardo (person)

Cervantes, Juan de, 1382-1453 (person)

Montoya, Dalilah (person)

Trejo, Ruben (person)

Perez, Antonia (person)

Romero, Frank (person)

Schnorr, Michael (person)

Yanez, Rene (person)

Coronado, Sam (person)

Cultural Affairs Committee (corporateBody)

Archuleta, Felipe Benito, 1910-1991 (person)

Baray, Samuel (person)

Sanchez, Robert and Michael Schnorr (person)

Ledezma, Sylvia (person)

Montaño Valle, Ernest (person)

Martinez, Daniel (person)

Costa, Sam, 1910-1981 (person)

Fernandez, Rudy (person)

Viramontes, Xavier (person)

Garcia, Eva (person)

Montoya, Jose (person)

Sparrow, Peter (person)

Schnorr, Michael and Liz Sisco (person)

Ochoa, Victor (person)

Herrón, Willie (person)

Avila, Glenna (person)

Bert, Guillermo (person)

CSUS and Centro de Artistas Chicanos, Inc (corporateBody)

Carrasco, Barbara (person)

Border Arts Workshop/Tallér de Arte Fronterízo (corporateBody)

Rodriguez, Celia (person)

Ochoa, Victor and Carmela Castrejon (person)

García, Lorraine and Sam Rios (person)

Gonzalez, Yolanda (person)

Lopez, José Benjamin (person)

Leal, Steven (person)

Garcia, Rupert (person)

Pruneda, Maximiliano (person)

Segura, Daniel (person)

Centro Cultural de la Raza. (corporateBody)

The Centro Cultural de la Raza was established as an artists' multi-disciplinary collective in 1970. This non-profit, San Diego-based Chicano /Latino cultural arts organization was founded during a period of great activism and social unrest. For three decades it has functioned as an alternative program to facilitate and encourage artistic growth and cultural interchange. The Centro's cultural activities have encompassed drama, music, poetry, arts and crafts, Mexican folk...

Orosco, Juanishi V. (person)

Rodriguez, Reyes (person)

Davis, Alonso (person)

De Batuc, Alfredo (person)

Anguía, Ricardo (person)

Perez, Louie (person)

Rodriguez, Peter Louis, 1968- (person)

Biography Peter Rodriguez was raised in both Stockton and Jackson, California. It was there that he first became interested in Art. In 1975, he founded the Mexican Museum as an institution designed to collect, preserve, interpret and present the artistic expression of the Mexican people, regardless of their birth-nation. The unique goal was to establish a museum that showed all five components of Pre-Conquest, Colonial, Popular, Mexican and C...

Gamboa, Socorro (person)

Juanino (person)

Gronk 1954-.... (person)

Gronk (1954- ) is an artist from California. Gronk, whose full name is Glugio Gronk Nicandro, was born in Los Angeles in 1954. As a member of the 1970s activist performance group, Asco (nausea), with Harry Gamboa, Jr., Patssi Valdez, and Willie Herron, Gronk arranged anti-war protests and painted graffiti murals. From the description of Oral history interview with Gronk, 1997 Jan. 20-23 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 79640744 ...

Connell, Kate and María V. Pinedo (person)

Palacios, Jaime (person)

Zaragoza, Alex (person)

Oriole, Eriberto (person)

Bautista, Vincent (person)

Padilla, Stan, 1945- (person)

Villa, Esteban and Juanishi V. Orosco (person)

Botello, David (person)

Siguenza, Herbert (person)

Ponce, Michael (person)

Botello, Paul (person)

Artist: Avalos, David (person)

Amemiya, Grace (person)

Sanchez, Leo (person)

García, Margaret (person)

Yañez, Larry (person)

Rodriguez, Elizabeth (person)

Maes Gallegos, David (person)

Aranda, Guillermo (person)

Avalos, David (person)

David Avalos (1947- ) is a painter and administrator from San Diego, Calif. From the description of Oral history interview with David Avalos, 1988 June 16-July 5 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 613316031 Painter, administrator; San Diego, Calif. Born 1947. From the description of David Avalos interview, 1988 June 16-July 5 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 245522325 From the description of David Avalos interview, 1988 Ju...

Valdez, Patssi (person)

Salazar, Daniel (person)

García, Lorraine (person)

Centro de Artistas Chicanos (corporateBody)

Torero-Acevedo, Mario (person)

Boccalero, Karen (person)

Armijo High School MECHA Club (person)

Calderón, Rudy (person)

Torres, Eloy (person)

Montoya, Jose (person)

Vaca, Santiago (person)

Urista, Arturo (person)

Alferov, Alex (person)

Zains, Marísa (person)

Brehn, Qathryn (person)

Emmanuel, Cristina (person)

Zoell, Bob (person)

Paul, Ernesto (person)

Self-Help Graphics Group Poster (person)

Cuellar, Rudy (person)

Gil de Montes, Robert (person)

Favela, Ricardo (person)

Lenero Castro, José (person)

Garza, Carmen Lomas (person)

Carmen Lomas Garza (1948- ) is a painter from California. From the description of Oral history interview with Carmen Lomas Garza, 1997 Apr. 10-May 27 [sound recording]. (Unknown). WorldCat record id: 276394322 ...

Healy, Wayne (person)

Norte, Armando (person)

López, Yolanda M., 1942-.... (person)

Yolanda Lopez was born in San Diego in 1942. After becoming a community artist in San Francisco, she returned to San Diego and received her Masters Degree in art at UC San Diego. While best known for her groundbreaking Virgin of Guadalupe series, her work has expanded into installation, video and slide presentations. From the description of Yolanda M. Lopez Papers, 1961-1998. (University of California, Santa Barbara). WorldCat record id: 213893098 ...

Aguirre, José Antonio (person)

Guerrero, Xochitl (person)

Linares, Pedro (person)

Maradiaga, Ralph (person)

Taylor, Neal (person)

Alicia, Juana (person)

Centro Cultural de la Raza/Toltecas en Aztlán (corporateBody)

Barajas, Salvador (person)

Delgado, Robert (person)

Yanez, Rene (person)

Aguirre, Vidal (person)

Ochoa, Victor and David Avalos (person)

Patlan, Ray (person)

East Los Streetscapers: David Botello, Wayne Healy, and Yepes (person)

Duardo, Richard (person)

Vallejo, Linda (person)

Linda Vallejo is an acclaimed Chicana painter, sculptor, printmaker, and founder of Galeria Las Americas. Linda Vallejo's personal collection, established in CEMA in 2001, represents a broad spectrum of her work and includes photographs, slides, posters, correspondence, publications and ephemera. Vallejo was born in East Los Angeles and was a graduate of Whittier College and also studied lithography at the University of Madrid. Her work has been exhibited extensively in ...

Perez, Jesús (person)

Loya, W. (person)

Galería de la Raza Staff and Lowrider Magazine (person)

Self-Help Graphics (corporateBody)

Centro Cultural de la Raza and Border Arts Workshop/ Taller de Arte Fronterizo (corporateBody)

Oropeza, Eduardo (person)

Rodriguez, Patricia (person)

Ledesma, Sylvia (person)

Martinez, Cesar (person)

Chamberlin, Ann (person)

Mesa-Bains, Amalia (person)

Thomas, Matthew, 1956- (person)

Elk Grove High School MECHA Club (person)

Flores, Florencio (person)

Casasola, Agustin V. (person)

Amescua, Michael M. (person)

Connell, Kate (person)

Gamboa, Diane (person)

Montoya, Gina, Tere Romo, Lupe Portillo, and Señora Angelbertha Cobb (person)

Yamagata, Susan and Michael Schnorr (person)

Siguenza, Herbert (person)

Valadez, John (person)

Royal Chicano Air Force (corporateBody)

The Royal Chicano Air Force (RCAF) is an artistic collective based in Sacramento. It was founded in 1969 to express the goals of the Chicano civil rights and labor organizing movement of the United Farm Workers. The RCAF is best known for its mural paintings, poster art production, and individual artistic contributions. From the description of Guide to the Royal Chicano Air Force Archives, 1972-1988. (University of California, Santa Barbara). WorldCat record id: 213892620 Fr...

Gonzalez, Louie (person)

Quiroz, Alfredo J. (person)

Bermudes, John (person)

Perez, Juan (person)

Cid, Armando and José Felix (person)

Walker, J. Michael (person)

Cervantez, Yreina (person)

Dominguez, Eddie (person)