Secular Yiddish Schools in North America collection 1915-2001


Secular Yiddish Schools in North America collection 1915-2001

Materials include curricula, newsletters, instruction books, song books, school board minutes, photographs, newsclippings, memoirs, ephemera and correspondence.



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Weissman, Sylvia Dobzinsky (person)

Sabell Bender, donor (person)

Barlas, Benjamin (person)

Goodman, Saul (person)

Schachner, Rivkah (person)

Cohen, Lynda A. (person)

Harwood, Naomi Bitner (person)

IWO, Ordn (corporateBody)

Woll, Alice (person)

Kurman, Chaver (person)

Max Dunetz (person)

Goodman, Eli (person)

Greenberg, Dena (person)

Krow-Lucal, Marti (person)

Laks, Leye (person)

Friedman, Sarah (person)

Itzkowitz, Ben (person)

Goldstein, Chaver (person)

Fuchsman, Charles H. (person)

Appleman, Perl Shver (person)

Krow-Lucal, Martha G. (person)

Itche Goldberg (person)

Fishman, Avi (person)

Weinman, Jack W. (person)

Field, Ben, 1901- (person)

Mark, Harry (Hershl) (person)

Levine, Merke (person)

Fishman, Joshua (Shikl) (person)

Goldstein, Sima (person)

Ash-Furman, Khayele (person)

Drachler, Nachman (person)

Loeb, Phil (person)

Katz, Meinke (person)

Fishman, Gella Schweid. (person)

Biography Teacher of Yiddish language and culture. From the guide to the Gella Schweid Fishman Teaching materials for Yiddish language and culture, 1940-1990, (Stanford University. Libraries. Dept. of Special Collections and University Archives.) ...

Henry Goodman (person)

Fogel, Alfie, (Efrayim) (person)

Majsner, Lilke (person)

Weinreich, Uriel. (person)

Greenberg, Deena (person)

Cymerman, Hadassah (person)

Fifer, Doni (person)

Macovski, Al (person)

Klein, Mendl Dovid (person)

Katz, Eli (person)

Martha G. Krow-Luca (person)

Greenspan, Rose Schulman (person)

Saretsky, Augusta (person)

Levine, Chane (person)

Gross, Mindy Crystal (person)

Davidson, Esther Borenstein (person)

Goldberg, Iṭshe (person)

Pratt, Norma Fain (person)

Breitrose, Henry (person)

Niger, Shmuel (person)

Fifer, Donald (Doni) (person)

Salotaroff, Reeva (person)

Chaikin, Bernice B. (person)

Becker, Patty (person)

Borovik, Leyb (person)

Wine, Sherman T. (person)

Margolis, Chassie (person)

Pinski, Dovid (person)

Foner, Henry and Lorraine (person)

Barkan, Hayim (person)

Hartman, Hersl (person)

Ovshinsky, Herb (person)

Benyas, Shirley (Sarah) (person)

Kornfeld, Gita (person)

Sumpf, Clara (person)

Fishman, David (Dovidl) (person)

Cohen, Ester Codor (person)

Krupit, Perl (person)

Toren, David (person)

Menkin, Eudice Feder (person)

Kryshtal, Khane (person)

Lena Kornfeld (person)

Schlosser, Nekhe Shmulevitsh (person)

Wanamaker, Edith/Bashe (person)

Bloshtein, M. (person)

Kiel, Khonen (person)

Kahn, Taybl. (person)

Gurin, Moeshe (person)

Gella Schweid Fishman (person)

Dorn, Miriam Zelchin (person)

Schwarcz, Ida Selivan (person)

Simon, S. (person)

Kaufman, Rakhmiel (person)

Maymudes, August (person)

Goldstein, Moishe (person)

Getzoff, Martha (person)

Olitzky, Mattis (person)

Kugler, Israel, 1917-2007 (person)

Israel Kugler was a noted advocate for and leader of academic unionism, professor of sociology, labor arbitrator, democratic socialist activist and devotee of Yiddish culture. Born in Brooklyn, New York, he received his bachelor’s degree from City College in 1938. He married Helen Barkan in 1941 and they were to have two sons, Daniel and Philip. After serving in the Navy during World War II, he earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in sociology from New York University in 1954, writing a disser...

Burstein, Esther (person)

Shak, Gail Messenger (person)

Fisher, Morris (person)

Greenberg, Deena Goldsmith (person)

Avrom Fishman (person)

Friends of the Secular Yiddish Schools in America Collection. (corporateBody)

Rukhl Schaechter (person)

Friends of the Secular Yiddish Schools in America. (corporateBody)

I (corporateBody)

Shaw, Malke Yaffe (person)

Nakdemon, Miss (person)

Cohen, Esther Codor (person)

Grossberg, Peretz (person)

Libby Okun Cohen (person)