Stanford University, International Relations Program, honors theses 1975-2010


Stanford University, International Relations Program, honors theses 1975-2010

Honors theses written by undergraduate students in the Stanford University International Relations Program.

431 volumes (52 boxes)


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Porat,  Ruth M. (person)

Shore, Marci. (person)

Lee, Sabrina H. H. (person)

Doktori, Daniel (person)

Jhaveri,  Suha (person)

Fieglein,  Ashley W. (person)

Krampetz, Erin M. (person)

Lam, Kaily Napualani (person)

King, Debra (person)

Harris, Cody S. (person)

Rubenstein,  Deborah (person)

Born, Natascha (person)

Ellemberg, Heidi (person)

Eaton, Kent (person)

Biehl, Amy (person)

Calzonetti, Claire (person)

Arulanantham, David P. (person)

Warmbrunn, Susan Michele (person)

Fuetsch, Elena (person)

Rowghani,  Ali (person)

Anchondo, Magdalena (person)

Chien,  Stephen (person)

Hill, Jennifer (person)

Weisiger, Alex (person)

Ablow,  Ellen (person)

Glaser, Cady (person)

Harrigan,  Sarah (person)

Duncan, Jessie (person)

Maylie, Devon (person)

Harrison, Michele (person)

Edwards, Mark (Fiction writer) (person)

Moulton, Peter. (person)

Sherman,  Craig (person)

Pahre, Robert. (person)

Pollard, Justin (person)

Jeans, Peter (person)

Pascoe, William (person)

Ortega, Alejandro G. (person)

Soova,  Marje (person)

Lean,  Eugenia (person)

Liu, Chia Hui (person)

McMillen,  R. Scott (person)

Agosti,  Tam (person)

Thompson, G. Nanette (person)

Shalaby,  Mark Alexander (person)

Krass, Caroline Diane, 1968- (person)

Caroline Diane Krass (born January 5, 1968) is an American attorney and former government official. Krass was a partner at the Washington office of the Los Angeles-based law firm Gibson Dunn (formerly Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher). She served as General Counsel for the Central Intelligence Agency from 2014 to 2017, and prior to that as Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General for the Office of Legal Counsel, and briefly as the Acting Assistant Attorney General, at the United States Department of J...

Gillary, Carin Lisa (person)

Kelso,  Matt (person)

Grey,  Tracy (person)

Zaltzman, Haim (person)

Calvert, Matthew (person)

Dooling, Patrick J. (person)

Slain,  Morgan D. (person)

Schmedemann, Deborah A., 1956- (person)

Hsu,  Deanne Rosalyne (person)

Weale, Dianne Lee (person)

Van Dusen, Trudy (person)

Fairbanks, Joseph (person)

Waring, Nathaniel (person)

Kramer, Mark Nathan (person)

Hsin,  Amy (person)

Ferroni,  Silvia Francesca (person)

Thaver,  Komail Zulfikar (person)

Granico,  Jennifer L. (person)

Wang,  Laure L. (person)

Hooton, Michael (person)

Selim,  Mona (person)

Hornung,  Leslie (person)

Pike,  Sarah (person)

Raven, Kate (person)

Lim, Caroline A. (person)

Dean,  Bonnie (person)

Foreman,  Zachary J. (person)

Luxon, Nancy (person)

Schrader Jr.,  Robert E. (person)

Watanabe,  Saferi (person)

Smith, Celia Langdeau (person)

Kraft, Diana (person)

Tellez Loucel, Jesus Javier (person)

Rissman, Jeffrey (person)

Benchekroun,  Raja (person)

Fleischner, Christopher (person)

Barma, Naazneen. (person)

Zimmerman, S. Rebecca (person)

Ngan,  Judy (person)

Lavinbuk, Ariel N. (person)

Barton, Mary, 1934- (person)

Rubio,  Martha Elena (person)

Letteau,  Gabrielle Tracey (person)

Johnson,  Arbora (person)

O'Donnell,  Bradley Thomas (person)

Smith, Cedric L. (person)

Romero, Lara Sofia (person)

Chiu, Yvonne (person)

Munroe, Asha (person)

Wu,  Clara M. (person)

Nelson, Mark A. (person)

Chang, Jennifer (person)

York, Peter A. (person)

Chisiu, Dean (person)

Lobel,  Richard S. (person)

Calhoun, Keith W. (person)

Mertz,  Steven W. (person)

Snavely, Andrea E. (person)

Luippold,  Bard H. (person)

Phan,  Pamela (person)

Birmingham, Katherine (person)

Furtner,  Frances Arlene (person)

Smith, Amanda, 1967 or 1968- (person)

Brookstone,  Susan Gail (person)

Finney,  Kristen (person)

York,  Wendy Lee (person)

Boggs, Hale, 1914-1972 (person)

Hale Boggs was a United States representative from Louisiana. DeLesseps Story Morrison (1912-1964), an attorney, politician, and mayor of New Orleans, was active in encouraging new industry and foreign trade in Louisiana, particularly, trade with Latin America. From the description of Thomas Hale Boggs correspondence, 1964. (Louisiana State University). WorldCat record id: 122335887 Hale Boggs was a United States representative from Louisiana. From the descriptio...

Isaacs, James (person)

Basson,  Danna (person)

Parsons,  Craig A. (person)

Minzner,  Carl (person)

Caro, David Ricardo (person)

Johnson, Gregg (person)

McCoy,  Meri (person)

Barath, Barbara (person)

Lustbader, Sarah P. (person)

Lloyd, Charles, 1938-.... (person)

Epithet: of Stowe MS 669 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000443.0x000389 Epithet: of Stowe MS 265 British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000443.0x000388 Epithet: of Exeter British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000443.0x000387 Epithet: Bishop of Oxford 182...

Sanders,  John Brinkley (person)

Burkett, Chelsea (person)

Biehl, Amy (person)

MacWilliams, John J. (John Joseph) (person)

Silver, Mark (person)

Watson, Andrew (person)

Epithet: of University College London British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000298.0x000296 ...

Zemitis, Martin (person)

Kapur, Ariel (person)

Van Fleet, Daniel (person)

Htun, Mala Nani (person)

Cheek,  Marney Leigh (person)

Hampe, Carl (person)

Maurer, Noël H. (person)

Greig, Fiona (person)

Sheikholeslam, Sheba (person)

Lee, Chris (person)

Dorobantu, Ruxandra (person)

Almirantearena,  Evangelina (person)

Chan, Adrian, 1936- (person)

Thuss, Charles J., III (person)

Talkington, Wade B. (person)

An, Vithia Chhean Ny (person)

Mandel,  Billie Michele (person)

Ozobia, Nnenna (person)

Hwang, Irene (person)

Kim, Jennifer Jihyun (person)

Patel, Amit, 1979- (person)

Lee, Sung (person)

Knickrehm, Kate E. (person)

Blum,  Jon Evan (person)

Morgan,  Amanda Lynn (person)

Tayyarah,  Hala (person)

Johnson,  Tressa (person)

Green, Daniel M. (person)

Walji,  Iqbal (person)

Liao,  Leslie (person)

Fain,  Natasha Elisa (person)

Gaisford, Karin (person)

Pieslak,  Sylvia (person)

Uribarri, Laura Margarita (person)

Dahmus,  Jennifer C. (person)

Hollenback, Elizabeth A. (person)

Havriliuc,  Tudor (person)

Hileman, Ali (person)

Rodriguez,  Dorena L. (person)

Kaval,  David A. (person)

Forstein, Carolyn (person)

Nelson, Roy C., 1961- (person)

Turkeltaub,  Alex (person)

Kapur,  Vikas (person)

Kim, Gloria Jin (person)

Corwin, James (person)

Tea, Sok Tieng (person)

Fonseca,  Carlos E. (person)

Brown, Amy (person)

Richardson,  Eric Nathan (person)

Boyer, Jan E. (person)

Collet,  Elizabeth Louise (person)

Stone,  Jeffrey E. (person)

Kirkpatrick, Lisa Anne (person)

Bolash,  Christopher (person)

Veninga,  Karen (person)

Kim,  Cindy Kyunglim (person)

Stromberg,  Kristen (person)

Al-Foudery,  Mariam Ali (person)

Shah, Atman P. (person)

Greene, Christina, 1951-.... (person)

Brodlie, Matthew (person)

Rosenfeld,  Amy (person)

Tran, Ngoc Binh (person)

Loofbourrow,  Patrick (person)

Liberman,  Enrique (person)

Shallman,  Mary (person)

Stanford University. International Relations Program (corporateBody)

Barker,  Adam Howell (person)

Cedor,  David Jay (person)

Frerking, Juliet Rose (person)

Joyal, Roxanne (person)

Chen, Tan Yan (person)

Brooks, Sean, 1966- (person)

Smith,  Martin Scott (person)

Kirsch, Michael J. (person)

Slucter, Amy (person)

Scarborough,  Larry (person)

Rosales,  Isela M. (person)

Jelescu,  Diana (person)

Donaldson, Victoria (person)

Perkins, Lucy Fitch (person)

Lucy Fitch Perkins was born July 12, 1865, in Maples, IN. She was a writer and illustrator of children's books, and was also an editor. Her "Twins of the World" series told of the lives of children from more than 20 different countries and cultures. Throughout her writing career, Perkins worked from a studio at her home in Evanston, Illinois. When she died on March 18, 1937, the twenty-fifth Twins book had just been published, and she was working on another. With the coauthorship of her daughter...

Svilik, Patricia (person)

Ayala, Elizabeth (person)

Witt, Michael A. (person)

Scott, William (person)

Epithet: MP British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000707.0x00011f Epithet: barrister British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000707.0x0000f0 Epithet: Master of the Corporation of Joiners, Dublin British Library Archives and Manuscripts Catalogue : Person : Description : ark:/81055/vdc_100000000707.0x0000f7 Epithet: Baro...

Chang, William S. (person)

Feler, Leo (person)

Kang,  Barry (person)

Gamon,  Catherine (person)

Hook, Marcia (person)

Cohn,  Bill (person)

Galdos, Michelle B. (person)

Nelson, Rachel (person)

Bonheyo,  Patricia L. (person)

Shakro, Peter (person)

Lum,  Wei Kuan (person)

Pessoa,  Ana Paula Machado (person)

Peltz,  Maxwell S. (person)

Schlangen,  Charles N. W. (person)

Scott, Christopher Allen (person)

Ashraf, Nava (person)

Monroe, Steve (person)

Carnes, Matthew E., 1970- (person)

Dupar, Mairi Kristina (person)

Ross, Kelly (person)

Brown,  Kellee Ann (person)

Liu,  Caitlin M. (person)

Renick, C. Kiel (person)

Kapur, Salone (person)

Hill, Katie (person)

Schwartz,  Skip (person)

Tio, Cathy (person)

Woolley, Roberta (person)

Netzer,  Baïe (person)

Savage, Nancy (person)

Engel,  Tamar (person)

Pollak, Lindsay M. (person)

Meyers,  Irina (person)

Heredia,  Alexandra Salcedo (person)

Galsterer,  Victoria (person)

Yang,  Julia Tzu-ye (person)

Carpenter,  Mike (person)

Gove, Amber K. (person)

Pfeister,  Doug (person)

Grach, Natasha V. (person)

Reid, Robert H. (person)

Woltmon, LaCona (person)

Larson, Abby (person)

Lee, Jeffrey K. (person)

Martin, Paul A. (person)

von der Lippe, Sarah (person)

Lee,  Eun Hwa (person)

Ahn, Natalie (person)

Morrison,  Catherine A. (person)

Muzurovic, Admir (person)

Ricketts,  Anita C. (person)

Ooten,  Chris (person)

Sabry,  Jamillah Kamillah (person)

Casselman, Carrie (person)

Ero,  Victoria Penfield (person)

Mela, Maham Abbas (person)

La Hood,  Lila Marie (person)

Zuber,  Paul (person)

Goldman,  Geoffrey B. (person)

Griffoli,  Tommaso Mancini (person)

Dickstein,  Jonathan (person)

Berenson,  Sondra J. (person)

Herlands, Joshua I. (person)

Kim, Caroline Y. (person)

Butterfield,  Richard J. (person)

Sundaresan, Thaila (person)

Barrera, Teresa (person)


Porges,  Jennifer Lee (person)

Lau, Christina. (person)

Brandenburg,  Margot (person)

Corredor,  Jean-Marc (person)

Francis, Christopher (person)

Russell, Lynn M. (person)

Nilson, Peter (person)

El Rady,  Joe (person)

Londgren, Michael (person)

Whitaker,  Anne (person)

Zajac,  Jason M. (person)

Swinerton, Kathryn J. (person)

Keyes,  Melissa H. (person)

Sharkey,  Gary Thomas (person)

Kuo, Renée Claire (person)

Cheng,  Stephanie S. (person)

Miramontes,  Victor (person)

Mijares,  Veronica Weichers (person)

Ringel,  Allan William Jr. (person)

Park,  Eun (person)

Tapia,  Vanessa Elisa (person)

Muller, Kenneth J. (person)

McCoy, Elizabeth. (person)

Hsieh,  Lilli (person)

Wong, Betty (person)

Martos, Sofia (person)

Lai, Christina (person)

Chan, Nicholas M. (person)

de Beaurecueil,  Marie Save (person)

Wang, Jenny (person)

Bilimoria, Nina Y. (person)

Martin, Alyssa (person)

Hilgeman,  Erica (person)

Arakawa,  Maki (person)

Ng,  Shiow May (person)

Kelso,  Matthew A. (person)

Werner,  Michael E. (person)

Miccolis, Eduardo (person)

Tasar,  Eren Mugat (person)

Toliver,  Carol (person)

Earthman, Thomas T. (person)

Shen,  Ing-ie Ava (person)

Cryst, Elena (person)

Oguntebi,  Olufolake A. (person)

Brosman, Gregory Barkley (person)

Vachudová,  Milanda Anna (person)

Roberts, Andrew Joseph (person)

Murray,  Britton (person)

Burns, DeAngela Jenise (person)

Lindheim, Susan (person)

Reta,  Rodrigo Villarreal (person)

Williams, Don S., 1938- (person)

Lari,  Sanam (person)

Johnson, Robert A., 1921- (person)

Peer,  Mary Megan (person)

Fisher,  Siobhán Kathleen (person)

Barzelay, Michael (person)

McFaul, Michael Anthony, 1963- (person)

Michael Anthony McFaul (born October 1, 1963) is an American academic and diplomat who served as the United States Ambassador to Russia from 2012 to 2014. McFaul is currently the Ken Olivier and Angela Nomellini Professor in International Studies in the Department of Political Science at Stanford University, where he is also the Director of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies and the Peter and Helen Bing Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. He is also a contributing column...

Cole,  George S. (person)

Chang,  Anthony Tong Yi (person)

Andronache, Christina (person)

Loubé, Suzanne A. (person)

Chartock, Andrea (person)

Prusia,  Tiffany Jane (person)

Merkley, Jeffrey A. (person)

Townsend,  Yolanda M. (person)

Torres, Kristin Anne (person)

McGovern, John (person)

Lindermayr,  Nicole Elisabeth (person)

Martinez,  Elisa Marie (person)

Meredith, Alexis (person)

Jones,  Keltie (person)

Pearson, April (person)

Weinberger, Daniel (person)

Ritchie,  Lorelei D. (person)

Sangokoya, David Adeoluwa (person)

Allen,  Joshua Bishop (person)

Rice, Angela J. (person)

Brizius, Erin (person)

Yang, Chi-hui, 1975- (person)

Rachal, Denise (person)

Kemnitzer, Kristin Anna (person)

Riddle,  Jennifer (person)

Tsai,  Lily (person)

Norton, Donna (person)

Wood, Bill (person)

Chang,  David Yat-On (person)

Burr,  Steven J. (person)

Kettner,  Eric (person)

Tripp, Alan (person)

Shapiro,  Susanna (person)

Kang, David (person)

Sinnock, Ryan B. (person)

Lange,  Lance W. (person)

Bristow,  Michael D. (person)

Relan, Rohit (person)

Cetlin,  Lisa (person)

Bender, Ann Marie (person)

Lung,  Michael P. Lum (person)

Ruthrauff,  Holly M. (person)

Haller,  Joseph R. (person)

So, Wan-Chi (person)

Rosas, Alexander S. (person)

Lavender, Jeanine (person)

Lampton,  Gerald R. (person)

Wood,  Donna Christine (person)

Veale, Noelle Alejandra (person)

Johnson, Marlowe (person)

Baltzan, Elizabeth (person)

Yu,  Maryling (person)

Chelberg,  Stephen E. (person)

Kuan,  Jennifer (person)

Pitchford, Mark B. (person)

Handeyside, Hugh (person)

Azimi, Negar (person)

Deshpande,  Rani (person)

Rampton,  Lisa Maren (person)

Galvan, Dennis (person)

Boyer,  Jack B. (person)

Koo, Gloria Minkyung (person)

Weigelt,  Jörn (person)

Peterson,  L. T. (person)

Farmer, Steven (person)

Chen, Amy (person)

King, Blair A. (person)

Meinl, Thomas (person)

Gregory, Julia (person)

Calvert, Matthew H. (person)

Brickeen,  Marshall (person)

Johnson,  Allison Marie (person)

Dewey,  Andrea (person)

Bender,  Danya (person)

Winden, Andrew (person)

Duggan, Charles H. (person)

Patel, Dinyar (person)

Flink, Mason (person)

Foster,  Angel (person)

Wang, Michael L. (person)

Bryla,  Erin (person)

Wright, Donald A. (person)

Gracheva,  Maria (person)

Niksic,  Orphan (person)

Foster, Craig (person)

Jeng,  Irene (person)

Thamkittikasem,  Trin Jeff (person)

Milicevic,  Katarina (person)

Stanley, William B. (person)

Schatzberg,  Lindsey Diamand (person)

Webster, Charles A. (person)