Hans Eckstein research files 1897-1984 1920-1984


Hans Eckstein research files 1897-1984 1920-1984

This collection reflects the major research interests of German scholar, Hans Eckstein, from archaeology to architectural history, including historic preservation, the rebuilding of post-World War II German cities, exhibitions, and museums, as well as his large circle of colleagues and friends. Materials include primarily correspondence and manuscripts, but also clippings, publications, and photographs.

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Eiermann, Egon, 1904-1970

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Schlemmer, Tut

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Eckstein, Hans, 1898-

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Hans Eckstein (1898-1986) was a German art and architectural historian and critic. From the description of Hans Eckstein research files, 1897-1984 (bulk 1920-1984). (Getty Research Institute). WorldCat record id: 81036589 Biographical/Historical Note Hans Eckstein, 1898-1986, was a German scholar and architectural historian. He studied with art historians Friedrich Gundolf, Karl Jaspers and Alfred Weber in Heidelberg and ...

Schwimmer, Max, 1895-1960

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Neutra, Dione.

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Neutra, Richard Joseph, 1892-1970

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Richard Josef Neutra was born in 1892 in Vienna; immigrated to US, 1923; Frank Lloyd Wright invited him to Taliesin during the fall of 1924; Neutra moved to Los Angeles, CA, 1925; most productive years were during 1930s and 1940s; spent most of his last decade in partnership with his son, Dion; published several books, including Wie baut Amerika? (1927) and Survival through design (1954); died in 1970. From the description of Papers, 1925-1970. (University of California, Los Angeles)...